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7 Great Jobs You Can Get With A Bachelor’s In Psychology

Whether you earn a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, you are preparing yourself for a variety of interesting career choices. If you’re wondering what jobs can I get with a bachelors in psychology, make sure you are also mindful of your other interests.

Career Options With A Bachelor’s Degree In Psychology

Career Options With A Bachelor's Degree In Psychology

Case Manager

Psychology is the study of the mind. Figuring out why individuals do what they do can be studied from a variety of directions. Someone with a strong interest in biology and the aging brain might earn a BS in psychology and work as a case manager in an elder care facility.

Career Coach

If you have strong entrepreneurial skills and are interested in building your own business, your psychology degree can help you to become a sought-after career coach. With your strong people development skills, you can help folks struggling to find their ideal career by guiding them to their strengths.

Social Worker

Recent world events have led to a great financial divide in the world. Many citizens are struggling to find ways to support their families because their industry has either collapsed or constricted to the point that they need help. Bringing them out of these world events can be incredibly rewarding.


If you can understand how a healthy mind works, you can learn to follow the trail of a more dangerous mind. Your psychology degree could be a path to law enforcement. Your tasks could include building criminal profiles and interviewing both officers and captured criminals.


For those planning a family and interested in children, getting your degree in psychology can help you on your way to becoming a teacher.

If you enjoy working with all age groups, you may also be able to find work as a school counselor and enjoy the schedule flexibility available to those who work in the school system.

Market Researcher

Those with an interest both in psychology and business may find that work in market research could be quite rewarding.

Comprehending why people do what they do can make you an extremely effective member of the marketing team for a business and in an industry that you want to support. This is also a great career for those who love to track, slice and dice data.

Human Resources Manager

Someone with strong people development skills might earn a BA in psychology and become a human resources manager.

If this field already interests you because you are fascinated in helping people improve their careers, make sure you also expand your technology skills. Someone with strong people and tech skills will be an asset in the world of hybrid work.

Your psychology degree can be the tool that gets you right into the working world. You can also use trusted sites like Best Psychology Degrees as a starting point to help you build the training you need for your dream career.

Stay flexible and find an online program that can help you increase your schooling without disrupting your daily work.

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