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Hina Khan is an Indian actress, who has been part of a popular reality show called “Ye Rishta Kya Keh lata hai” which is a long-running show to this day. She is known as Akshara, which is a leading character of that show.

Hina Khan Biography (Indian Television Actress)

Hina Khan Indian Television Actress

1) Hina Khan Personal Life

Hina Khan hails from Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir raised by the Kashmiri parents. She has completed her schooling at Srinagar best school, and he went on to complete her MBA in 2009 from CCA School of Management, which is in Gurgaon, Delhi.

Those who are close to her address her as Sher Khan. Hina Khan always wanted to come to a Journalist, but she had her eyes on other opportunities.

When She came to Mumbai, she applied for the Air-hostess position and got a shot for an Interview at an Airline. But she got infected by malaria, then had to quit the idea.

She was struggling in Mumbai; this is when her acting skills were recognized.

Hina Khan (TV Actress)

Hina loves to play Basketball, and when she needs a bite of a snack, a butter fried bread does the job for her.

Every Indian has grown up watching the Bollywood movies, and her favorite actor is Aamir Khan and Kajol Devgan.

She has also watched old Star Plus daily soaps, and her favorite reality stars are Smriti Irani and Angad Hasija.

The lady believes in the god a lot and carries a Tawez in her wallet or bag, which is meant to keep the evil away from her.

You can spot the lady in having lunch from her favorite restaurant in New Delhi.

2) Hina Khan (Actress) Professional Life

In the process to get a job as an Air-hostess and a Journalist, she landed in the Entertainment field.

The Mumbai has shown young Hina Khan the struggles, where she couldn’t get a spot in the dream job, but a door has opened for her, which considered as the best career option she has taken so far.

Rajan Shahi show – Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, she was auditioned and secured the main lead role.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (Hina Khan)

For nine years the gorgeous lady has worked in the main lead role, and she won eight awards back to back for last nine years.

One role has made her more than Rs.40 Crores in salaries. She has amassed over Rs.100 Crores from that one show for last nine years, which makes her the highest paid actor in India today.

However, despite having such an interesting show under her belt, the lady lives a private life. You will not find much about her private life, and she doesn’t have many friends from the entertainment industry.

After eight long years, Akshara has finally exited the show “The character has become monotonous, and I had to move on from the show.”

Hina Khan Height, Weight, Age, Affairs, Bio & More

The show producers finally decided to kill the character to make sure that space will never open again.

There are rumors that Akshara will revive from one or another form in between of the storyline, but Hina won’t be in it.

Fear factor India – Season 8:

In 2017, while she is exploring new projects, the actress has finally decided to become the contestant on the popular show fear factor – Khatron Ke Khiladi.

Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi (Hina Khan)

The show is extremely popular all over the world, where the contestants are given various competitive tasks to complete. Every week each contestant will be eliminated if they are failed to complete it or come in the last spot.

The actress signed with the producers to complete the show for the prize money. As a contestant, she has struggled from day one, but she also had most wins compared to other women in the show.

When you look at the chart of performance, you can clearly she was the top two contestants with more wins than men and woman to the end.

Unfortunately, the actress could not win, and she became 1st runner-up on the reality show. In short, she came in second place and ended the season on a good note.

According to a news source, the actress salary per episode was Rs.1.2L; you can estimate her average income from the show based on weekly appearance. There is a prize for 1st runner-up as well.

She is taking prize and money home.

Bigg Boss 11:

Bigg Boss 11 (Hina Khan)

India’s most popular reality show is Bigg Boss, which has become a sensation all-over Asia.

The show has more than ten seasons under its belt and the current season is 11, where Hina got the offer to become the contestant.

The reality show actress accepted the offer without any hesitation after getting permission from her fiancee and parents.

According to the reaction of the stars and audience, the reaction is negative towards her. The news portals have been buzzing with the what she has to deal with after the show is finished.

There are many accusations and stunts she has earned in the show.

  1. She accused of talking someone’s behind the back.
  2. The “Sanskari bahu” is now addressed as a Vamp.
  3. She has been caught lying.
  4. Hina Khan had a verbal fight with a member Shilpa Shinde.
  5. Many fellow stars are calling her “Fake” (Karan Patel & Keshwar merchant.)
  6. She is known for her style, but her fans are turning against her now.
  7. She has over 150 clothes and 100 pairs of shoes in her Bigg Boss wardrobe, and it has been said that she has borrowed them.
  8. The country has seen her talking bad & behaving badly to other contestants.

Out of many, we have mentioned few controversies surrounding the show.

Hina Khan Photos

Keeping the controversies aside it is estimated that she is making Rs.6L – Rs.7L per week. It has been more than seven weeks since she is the show, if she wins the show, she will also get a separate pay for that.

Currently, the net worth of the Hina Khan is over Rs.3.7 Cr per year based on the number of shows and appearance she has made in this year.

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