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How Does the Pirate Ship Ride Work?

You all are familiar with the pirate ships that had been used for trade and travel worldwide. These ships were of ordinary type and sowed with the help of the air.

Pirate Ship Ride Work

The same idea has been applied to amusement sources. There are uncountable sources of amusement in different regions of the world. But we will also discuss one of the most liked amusement sources: pirate ship rides or Viking ship rides.

What is a pirate ship ride?

You are seeing a picture of an ordinary pirate boat. If you ever have gone to the park, you will have watched the ship swings built on this design. These are called pirate ship ride or Viking ship ride.

A pirate ship ride is a type of enjoyment ride based on the pirate or Viking ships. It consists of an open large or small gondola. The gondola has seats for the passengers and moves back and forth around the horizontal or x-axis. During this movement, the riders undergo various levels of angular momentum.

It starts swinging from its slow state to a fast state that makes the riders feel like to be in a stormy ocean.


The pirate ship ride consists of.

  • Four legs are firmly attached to the ground.
  • A car or gondola is having seats for riders.
  • Two strong and weight-bearing arms are attached on both corners of the car or gondola at one end of each component.
  • An axle joins the four legs at one point.
  • Both arms are fixed around the axle at their other ends.

It is an exciting and classical amusement ride and is favorable for all kinds of amusements, either outdoor or indoor.

How does the Pirate Ship work?

Pirate ship amusement has two systems.

  1. Mechanical System
  2. Electrical System.

Mechanical System

A three-phased AC source uses reducers to run caster for the to-and-fro motion of the pirate ship ride. When the big caster body and boat-body come in direct contact, the spinning caster wheel rubs the bottom of the boat-body.

This makes the ship swing higher in a short time-lapse. The boat arrives at its top height and then moves back due to the action of gravitational force.

When the ship-body comes in direct contact with the caster wheel for the second time, the caster’s movement is reversed, which makes the ship-body move in the opposite direction. The ship arrives at the highest point and moves towards the ground due to gravity acting on the ship.

Electrical System

This system consists of.

  • An electric control system.
  • Spinning electrical machine.
  • A conducting ring.
  • An LED circuit for decorations.

The total power switch helps to enter the power supply of three-phased 380V into the electrical control box. Following are the stages that are involved in running the electrical system of the pirate ship.

  • First of all, switch ON the automatic air switch on the electrical control box.
  • Turn ON the control power switch to handle the electrical system.
  • Press the BELL button, the circuit will begin to ring for 5 seconds as preparation.
  • Push the ROTATION button to make the pirate ship ride undergo to-and-fro motion about the horizontal axis or x-axis.

A 24V LED light circuit gets electricity to produce different light patterns of flashing effect.

Why do People like pirate ship ride?

People like to have a pirate ship ride due to the following reasons.

  • Exciting Ride: While boarding on the pirate ship ride, you will have an amazing amusement of your life experience. You will feel as if you were traveling through a stormy ocean that creates an amazing sensation and thrill.
  • Good for anyone: Everyone wants to board on this ride at least once in his life. This is because it gives a great experience to its riders or passengers and is not too dangerous for one’s life.
  • Top entry ride: If you have ever been to theme parks, amusement parks, fairgrounds, funfairs, and family entertainment, you will have seen pirate or Viking ship ride certainly. It is implemented almost throughout the world and is one of the most popular amusement rides.

JINBO pirate ship

JINBO Ride is a Chinese branded company that is providing its services all over the world. It manufactures different amusement sources of different styles. It sells a large variety of pendulum rides such as Ferries wheels, Pendulum ride, and Viking ship rides, etc.

It produces different types of pirate ships varying in height, length, weight, capacity, and price, etc.

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