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How Technology Is Transforming Gaming

Although some of the youngest gamers might not remember, older ones will certainly have (often very fond) memories of heading out to the store and searching for a new game.

They’ll remember the patience it took to wait for new releases and save up money for them. They might even remember a time when there were rental stores not just for DVDs (or VHS) but for games too.

A lot has changed since then, even though it wasn’t really that long ago. In fact, technology has completely transformed the gaming world and continues to do so now – and it will keep changing things well into the future in ways we can’t even imagine.

How Technology Is Transforming Gaming

With that in mind, it’s a good idea to look at how technology is transforming gaming in the here and now, so you can ensure you are as up-to-date as possible.

More Sharing Abilities

In the beginning, gaming was often seen as a lonely pursuit. It was done at home, alone, and it was difficult to share a game or gaming time with anyone. Slowly things changed. More controllers could be purchased, and two-player games became popular.

Then multiplayer online games. Then massively multiplayer online games. Right now, we can share games in a different way, using, which allows people to use other players’ more highly ranked profiles easily.

Rather than being a solo pursuit that could become quite lonely, gaming is now a very social activity, whether you do it with friends in your own home or you meet virtually in the gaming space.


In terms of the biggest innovations in the gaming sphere, VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) have to be two of the biggest. They enable players to be completely immersed in a game like never before. Not only is this more enjoyable for the players, but it means that game designers and developers can incorporate this technology into their games, making them bigger and better than ever.

Right now, this technology is still fairly expensive for the average user, but costs are coming down, and it’s likely that, before long, they will be accessible to all.

Gaming On The Go

When gaming first started becoming popular, it was something that could only be done at home – or in arcades, although that is a slightly different thing. This was not a problem; people enjoyed using their consoles in their homes, either attached to a monitor or their TV.

However, as technology advanced and more and more could be done in a mobile way, the idea that you had to be in one place to play was actually more of a restriction that people had considered.

This is why mobile gaming has become popular. In some cases, depending on the games and whether or not you have an account, you can use your smartphones or tablets to play the same games as you would if you were at home, except with the added advantage of being mobile.

This opens up a world of fun and is something that people didn’t realize they wanted until they saw they could have it, as is often the case.

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