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How to Boost Online Branding Through Full Press Release Distribution

If you wish to improve your online branding, press release distribution is one practical way to achieve it. It provides a good return-on-investment while improving your awareness, exposure, and credibility.

When written well, a release can help you attain your goals as a brand. It improves your credibility as a brand, increases your profit, positions you as a thought leader, boost site traffic, and a lot more.

Press Release Distribution


You can reach out directly to reporters to pitch your story. At the same time, you can also use a press release distribution service to distribute your content for maximum results. Using both these methods can improve your branding.

Here are great ideas to use press release distribution to improve your brand online.

New product/ service or offer

One of the reasons to issue a release is whenever there’s something new in your business. Perhaps you’re opening a new line, division, branch, method, process, owner, application, staff, product or service, writing and distributing a release is the best way to let everyone knows, including the media that you have a new offer coming out.

How can you expect people to know about your offer if you’re not going to tell them about it? A release is the exact communication tool you need. Distribution is the key to make it happen.

Whenever you have a newsworthy reason to tell the media, do it. Interested reporters pick great stories that they are going to share with their readers.

Awards, honors, and recognition.

Are you going to receive an award or recognition in your industry? It’s time to write about it and let the people know about it.

Let’s say that you are going to be awarded as the “Top Technology Brand,” sharing it through release informs people of what you know and what you can do to help them. They will be more convinced that you are the brand they are looking for.

With the stiff competition in each industry, you need to think of ways on how you can be on top of the market. One strategy is building your reputation online as an expert brand. Receiving an award gives the impression that you are an expert.

Sharing this information isn’t bragging. It’s one way to build your reputation and credibility online.

When people discover that you achieved something in your field, it is easier for them to trust you. These days, people consume news and information online. If you share this information, they are more likely to trust and depend on you for information.

Not only that, they are more willing to take actions. They can move into the next level which is the buying cycle.

When you write a release, ensure that you include the benefits that people can get out of your award. How does it impact them? Although the award is about you, making sure that your award benefits the audience is one way to gain trust and credibility from them.

Reputation management.

If your business is thriving online, you need to ensure that you’re tracking or monitoring the conversations around your brand. It’s so easy to be attacked online when an unsatisfied customer simply wrote rude comments or feedback about your brand or product.

It could be someone who wants to tarnish your reputation or a competitor. Someone could just write a bad review on a social media platform. There are so many instances when you could be caught off-guard.

Without a reputation management plan in place, your brand could be damaged instantly. Make sure that you have a backup strategy during a crisis.

Reputation management


By working with a best press release distribution service, they can help you in issuing a press release right away to air your side and clear the issue. By being on top of the issues ensure that your reputation stays in good shape.

Just imagine if someone left a bad comment on social media? It can spread like wildfire without you knowing it.

By monitoring your brand, you could track these conversations fast and easy. You can plan how you would react to these comments through a release.

Every brand must prioritize their reputation management. It can save your well-preserved brand name from damage.

Brand milestone.

Another way to distribute releases is when you attain something worthwhile. If you are celebrating your company’s 10th anniversary, it’s time to use a wire service for distributing a release.

There are many milestones that you must remember in your business. You can write about serving your 100th patient or client if you’re in the service business.

You can issue a release when you made a breakthrough discovery or invention after years of experiment. It’s something that you want to share with the public.

Again, it’s not bragging. When you write a release, write down how it impacts the audience. For instance, if you’re celebrating your 10th anniversary, provide how it impacts your audience.

When celebrating your 10th anniversary, you could announce that you’re giving away free dental cleaning service for the first 10 patients. It’s a wonderful way to reconnect and build your reputation.

Think outside the box. Offer something that your competitors aren’t even thinking yet.

Hosting an event.

Are you hosting a webinar, trade show, or seminar? It’s one proven way to establish your brand as a thought leader or expert in your industry. You can accomplish it by issuing a release.

Not all companies can host their own events. However, if you can do this, make sure to inform the public.

Write a release stating what the event is all about, when and where it’s going to happen, who are the people involved, and why you’re hosting it. Make the benefits clear for the audience.

When you’re distributing the news, it appears on sites, media outlets, search engines, and other locations online. Interested reporters may cover it. Your event can appear on newspapers, magazines, and aired on the radio or television program.

It’s a great way to shine and let people know what your brand is. Making an announcement places your brand in the limelight. It is also a good way to gain attendees and participants for the events.

White papers, or reporting the result of your study or research.

Another good way to boost your online presence is by reporting the outcome of your study or research. It’s one way to show your expertise in your field.

When people see that you are leading your industry through research, they will find you as an expert. Not all brands can do research. Write a release about it.

Aside from highlighting the features of your study, including the benefits of your research in the release. How does your product or service impact your target audience?

They must see that your product or service can solve the problem they have, or improve their lives. People trust brands that lead the industry.

By showing how your brand can help them, it increases the success of your PR campaign. It establishes your reputation as an expert and leads to many inquiries, leads, and sales.

Charity works.

Are you planning to host a charity event in the coming month? One way to boost your online branding is by issuing a release about it.

It’s not showing that you are a religious brand, but it’s one way to show that your brand is committed to something that can help others.

Some charity works include conducting a concert-for-a-cause, donating for victims of calamities, or sponsoring a feeding program for the less fortunate. When you do such kind of charity work, you are establishing your brand as an authority and something that people can trust.

Charity works


These strategies are sure to fire up your online branding. You just need to be careful of picking the right distribution platform that can help you accomplish it.

Choose a reputable and expert press release service that provides results and offer their services at the most cost-effective price. Review their distribution plans. If you want to test their work, you can just try a single distribution in the beginning.

However, if you want a long-term distribution to ensure your visibility and exposure, choose monthly or annual plan. The more often they see your brand, the more they will easily trust you.

Building branding isn’t an overnight work. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance.

There may be a crisis that acts as hurdles in your success. But what matters is that you have reputation management in place.

However, if you’re serious about growing your brand and establishing it, you need to write and distribute releases on a constant basis. It boosts your online branding and makes you a credible brand.

Sometimes, you need to think outside the usual. Think in advance how you can improve and establish your brand.

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