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The Future of Web Design: How to Create a Website With Wix ADI

The Internet has evolved at an astounding pace over the last couple of decades and so has the content that we find on it. Gone are the days when websites used to be limited to lines of text on a boring unicolour background. The modern internet is dominated by sites that are intuitive, fast and most importantly, they capture the user’s imagination.

Create Your Own Website In Minutes With Wix ADI

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But as websites have evolved, so has the complexity in getting them to life. A responsive website has several components running underneath which helps it to function smoothly. And while traditional platforms like WordPress and Joomla do exist, setting up a site that looks good as well as performs excellently is a daunting task for anyone who is looking to make their first foray into the Internet.

So what is the solution? A revolutionary new platform that is powered by Artificial Intelligence. The Wix ADI is one of a kind platform as it creates unique websites tailored to your very needs yet it never needs you to tinker around with the code. It’s as easy as drag and drop and today we show you how to create a website for free using the Wix ADI.

But before we begin the nitty gritty of the process let us first run though a few pre requisites! First off, when logging into the Wix Website creation panel we are greeted with two options. The Editor as well as Wix ADI. Now the editor is something that professional site builders would be intricately familiar with as it provides granular control over every step of the website creation process.

Wix ADI on the other hand is more suited to those who are just beginning to get into the website development world and are yet to learn the ropes. With Artificial Intelligence at the helm of things, creating a beautiful, fast and fluid website is easy and what’s more, there is no need to get one’s hands dirty by digging around in source code. However, if at any moment you’d desire to get more control over the website, the editor is always there so the switch between AI and manual mode is as seamless as it is effortless!

So without further ado, let’s jump right into the process of how we can create a website with the Wix ADI by our side! For the ease and convenience of our readers we have broken down the process into several easy to follow steps!

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence

Step 1

Once we have logged into the account dashboard on Wix we then have to navigate to the + icon and click on it.

Step 2

Once that is done we would be greeted with the Wix Site selector interface. These are basically templates for the sort of site that we would want ours to be modelled on. A wide variety of choices exist from templates for business, photography. Music, restaurants, beauty as well as blogs and from these bare bones site designs our journey begins!

Step 3

Now comes the most important bit! While there are loads of run of the mill sites out there, most of them lack individuality both in design language as well as the content they dish out. Wix ADI changes that by providing your site your very own personal touch while keeping a suitable design layout that reflects the needs we have chosen in our earlier step.

While we could change everything we need to in our site from the editor, for the sake of simplicity and to demonstrate just how intuitive Wix ADI is; we would now answer a few simple questions that the AI puts to us and then sit back and watch while it builds our website in a matter of minutes!

Wix ADI: Design AI That Will Change Website Creation

Step 4

Once we are happy with the level of customization and design choices that Wix ADI has made for the website we can hit publish and just like that our website would go live. It’s Just that easy and hassle free when you let an AI handle all the heavy lifting of the code and we can build beautiful functional websites while just concentrating on design choices.

But Wix doesn’t just stop there! Once the website is up and running that is only half the battle done. The rest of it lies in getting the website enough publicity so that it reaches the right eyes and your excellent design and fluid user interface can be enjoyed by thousands across the globe. That requires something that is commonly known in the industry as SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

While there are a lot of information about SEO floating about on the Internet, one of the best options is to let Wix Platform handle SEO as well since the best way to leverage the in-house design is known by the experts in there as well! And the best thing about all of this? It’s entirely free to build a website on Wix platform!

So what are you waiting for? Go forth and create your dream website with the wizard of webs, the Wix ADI. Because as the age old saying goes

“The best things in life are free!” 🙂

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