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How to Effectively Protect Your Windows 10 PC Or Laptop?

The new decade is just around the corner, new releases, updates, and breakthrough wait for their last check-ups before entering the marketplace.

Of course, we have a lot to look up, from the benefits of the progress to potential harms. In the particular case of Windows 10, the new release is scheduled for spring 2020, and many have already started to discuss its pros and cons.

Effectively Protect Your Windows 10 PC

Windows 10 is still a leading OS for the vast majority of PC users, and even though initially it might have been accepted with mixed reviews, now it goes without saying that Microsoft manages to maintain their reputation of the titans of the industry.

With the newest implementations, we also should never forget about the security software for Windows 10, and we briefly discuss it in the context of Windows 10 updates.

Security trends, new extended features, and that’s not even the beginning of the year. Grab your tea and get ready for some updates in Windows 10.

What to Expect and What Will Change?

The classic approach of Microsoft to updating its software is to provide a release twice a year. Still, it is unclear whether there will be Windows 11 any time soon.

Windows 10 is a long-standing and continuing project for Microsoft, therefore you can rely on the upgrades rather than the completely new OS. Still, upgrades are good news, especially when they improve your experience of using the OS.

Foremost, the update promises a new desktop experience. Lock Screen would be improved and include an authentication into your account using PIN when the OS is in the safe mode.

The start menu would offer you an advanced search option. It allows quick access to search for online results, apps, and files, this feature will decrease the time spent to open Search from the taskbar.

The search itself would show the results when searching settings that doesn’t match the request. If you type “free,” it will offer you a “Turn on storage sense” option and related free up label for better identification of the result. The new algorithm will detect high disk usage and activities to decrease the usage of resources of indexing.

On its turn, the taskbar would include a quick calendar where you can add events with time, location, and more details of your choice, without opening the calendar application.

You would also be able to appreciate a tablet experience for 2-in-1 convertible devices. Some design elements would be improved to create a comfortable and smooth tablet experience.

File explorer would be integrated with Windows Search and OneDrive content online, which eases your search and time spent on it. Indeed, Windows has quite a taste for optimizing users’ experience and count every moment of their work.

You would be able to mute all notification and disable the post-upgrade setup page in the same section. You would be able to list apps and manage their settings within a matter of one click. Optional Feature settings would become more efficient, and you could select and install multiple optional features simultaneously.

The status page would provide you instant access to all essential data you need to know regarding your active connections and to set management. There’s a narrator, text cursor, magnifier, and many more to come in the new version.

Security Trends

Microsoft pays particular attention to the cybersecurity trends and changes out there. For 2020 Microsoft would work on several key areas to provide the improved and enhanced take on the most relevant security flaws that are addressed by the industry.

Security Trends

The first aspect of addressing is the AI and the concept of using Artificial Intelligence to predict and prevent malware from getting close to your PC and data. It identifies patterns and anomalies faster and more effective than human processing.

On the other hand, there is AI-based malware that evades signature-based antivirus detection, which poses serious counter-action to the current studies and work. Microsoft constantly improves Ai and the machine learning protection base for future prevention and prediction of the attacks.

Another aspect is to work on cloud-based spaces, which would be as effective as possible when all tech companies will do their best to create a safe foundation. Phishing and other targeted attacks still would work well if the larger landscape has even one instance of vulnerability. Microsoft and other companies work on shifting to public and hybrid clouds based on enhanced security and cooperation.

The future concept of the Zero Trust system would abolish the potential data breaches due to weak passwords. Hackers wouldn’t get access even if they managed to connect to a corporate firewall. The additional authentication factors would protect sensitive parts of the network. This concept would decrease identity theft and data stealth.

While Microsoft contributes to industry development, you should be aware of all potential threats and current solutions for your PC. You are the safest when prepared.

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