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How to Effectively Share Your Professional Expertise?

Professional expertise is something we develop from experience, regardless whether we’re an employee or businessperson. And it continues to grow as we mature in our chosen trade. Over the years, it becomes a priceless asset that you can share and get rich.

Share Your Professional Expertise


Benefits of Sharing Professional Expertise

You might not realize this, but millions of people around the world are more than eager to learn your professional expertise. Thousands of such people are willing to pay some money to learn your professional expertise.

Therefore, the question arises, how to effectively share your professional expertise. Indeed, there’re several ways. You can share personal, professional expertise for free or earn active income or as a source of passive income.

In this article, I’ll discuss some ideas on how you can effectively share your professional expertise and make money for example newsletter monetization if you already have subscribers. After all, your professional expertise is valuable.

Ways to Effectively Share Professional Expertise

You might not believe this. But there’re as many as six different ways to earn an excellent second income- either actively or passively- by sharing professional expertise. How you wish to earn is your choice. I’ll explain these five ways and you can choose one or two that suit your needs.

Here they are.

Visiting or Part-Time Faculty

You can effectively share your professional expertise by working as visiting or part-time faculty member or trainer. There’re several educational institutes that would require a trainer if you have the right professional expertise. And they’ll pay fairly well too.

In fact, hundreds of Industrial Training Institutes across the country are facing an acute shortage of trainers in various trades. ITIs offer over 160 courses. Of these, nearly 70 are engineering type courses. Therefore, it’s possible to work as visiting or part-time faculty an ITI in your area.

Online Tutoring

Elearning or online learning market in India is growing exponentially. Research indicates, the number of students opting for eLearning courses was 1.6 million in 2016 while the industry was worth US$247 million. By 2021, India will have about 9.6 million eLearning users while the market size will grow to US$1.96 billion.

Online Tutoring

The above figures clearly indicate how you can effectively share your professional expertise by becoming an online tutor. There’re several American and European websites that hire Indian professionals as online tutors for various specialized courses. Apply at one of these and become an online tutor. In fact, hundreds of online tutors are now millionaires in America and elsewhere.

Create Course & Sell Online

Perhaps you’re unaware that some website enables you to effectively share your professional expertise through various online courses. Udemy is one of the largest online education portals where you can create and sell your course. You don’t have to be online all the time. All you need to do is create the course material that shows people how to use your professional expertise at work.

You can create text, videos and audio tutorials as part of your course and upload it on these websites. Whenever anyone wants to learn your professional expertise, they’ll buy the course. And you get paid for every order of your course.

There’re no limits about the number of courses you can upload on these websites. Therefore, you can create several ones dealing with your professional expertise and upload them according to relevance and importance.


If you believe that a blogger is someone that has ample spare time and nothing to do, think again. Because blogging requires a lot of skills. Become a blogger and share your professional expertise. You can start a self-hosted blog with WordPress or free blog with Blogger.

However, I recommend you buy own attractive domain name, website hosting and other necessary things. In India, setting up own website for blogging costs as low as Rs.5,000 per year.

When you share professional expertise through your blog, you’re actually helping other people to improve their skills, earn more and lead happier lives. As a blog owner, there’re immense benefits for you as well. You can make money from the blog by subscribing to Google AdSense.

This means you’re allowing Google to display ads on your blog. When someone clicks on an ad, you get money from Google. Additionally, you can accept paid posts for your blog from other writers. And there’s affiliate marketing too if you decide to promote products relevant to your professional expertise.

Online or Offline Consulting

A lot of professionals also share their expertise as online or offline consultants. Means, you will share your professional expertise with companies or businesses that require your skills and knowledge for any specific subject.

Online and offline consulting can be done on part-time or freelance basis. There’re no limits on how much money you can make as an online or offline consultant as long as you have adequate professional expertise.

Open Own YouTube Channel

And finally, you can effectively share your professional expertise by opening own YouTube channel. Let me assure you: opening a YouTube channel is free. Additionally, YouTube provides many free resources to help you create an excellent channel.

Open Own YouTube Channel

Create videos about your professional expertise and upload them on YouTube. Promote your videos through Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks. Sing-up your channel for Google AdSense. This enables Google to display ads on your channel. You get paid when someone clicks on the ad.

In Conclusion

These excellent ways to effectively share your professional expertise can help you become rich and famous. In fact, thousands of people worldwide are already doing so. Decide how you wish to share your professional expertise and go ahead. Your fortune awaits there.

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