How To Entertain Yourself During Online Education?

Online education is difficult for most children even they use different services like to make study process easier. So, we have some advice which help you to rest.

Entertain Yourself During Online Education

Playing scenes

This is a great way for a teenagers to develop their creativity. A kid can come up with a scene or act out a scene from a favorite book. Parents or friends can watch this  performance.


Teenagers usually like everything related to food. Cooking lunch or dinner with parents is a great way to develop a child’s teamwork skills. After cooking, you can have a family dinner or treat your friends.

Learn how to make websites

You can start with free online platforms (like tilda, wix), with which you can easily and quickly create simple web pages. If the student likes the lesson, it is worth thinking about a deeper immersion in web development – to go to programming courses or create websites, to visit an IT camp.

Creating a collage

A teenager can cut out pictures for a collage from magazines or draw them himself. If the collage is dedicated to a topic that is interesting to the child or inspires her, this lesson will be doubly interesting for her.

Board Games

This is not only a fun activity that many teenagers enjoy, but also an effective way to develop a child’s thinking. There are a large number of board games for every taste, and the teenager will be able to find among them what he likes.

Attending cultural events

Visiting museums and exhibitions is often free. The teenager can learn a lot of interesting things, having got acquainted, for example, with exhibits of the nearest museum of local lore. Also worth noting are free concerts, art exhibitions and public lectures.


It doesn’t take much imagination to come up with a quest for a child. You can ask her to find certain items in the house or go to the local mall and collect a collection of free flyers.


Invite your child to write a story or poem. Literary creativity is a great way to express yourself. Having tried it once, a teenager can love this activity for many years.


You don’t have to be good at bowling to enjoy this game. If a teenager plays bowling with friends, it will help him develop social skills.

Help those around you

There are many people around who need help. A teenager can offer their help in a pet shelter, in an environmental organization or just help neighbors in something. This kind of work has many benefits for teenagers: they learn to work in a team and can make new friends. Plus, it’s just fun!

Arrange a challenge

Challenge yourself to go through one of the useful 21-day challenges. Together with your parents, try: 21 days of exercise, 21 days without social networks, 3 weeks of full breakfast, 21 days without TV, etc.

Have a picnic with friends

Choose a suitable place for a picnic in nature, grab a delicious snack and appropriate games for the company to have fun this day.

“Pull up” school subjects

Teachers give 10-14 year olds a lot of tasks for the summer, you just need to monitor their implementation and properly organize the time of summer training and entertainment.

But children 6, 7, 8 years old should specially pick up educational games and interesting tasks. For example, if a child has poor handwriting, he needs to draw and sculpt more; reads poorly – collect words from cards, etc.

Ride horses

Horseback riding is much more than just a way to relax from the city running. It is impossible not to fall in love with these graceful proud animals!

Arrange a photo shoot

Of course, you can turn to a professional photographer who will help you take quality photos – family or personal. And you can get a camera and give children the opportunity to try to take pictures, and then even create a photo album.

Go to an open-air festival

To make your summer vacation unforgettable, you should get a poster of festivals in your city and be sure to visit at least one! Theme festivals are a great idea of ​​what to do with a teenager on summer vacation.

Create a YouTube channel or Instagram blog and monetize it

Blogging can easily turn from a hobby into a business for profit. With only a smartphone or camera, it is quite possible to collect thousands of subscribers and likes.

During the holidays, you can enroll in blogging courses, where they will teach you to create quality content, effectively promote and monetize your deposit.

Wander in the amusement park

What kind of vacation without enthusiastic children’s cries and cotton candy? But remember that amusement parks are a format of entertainment with the obligatory accompaniment of adults.

Download useful applications

In the summer, you should take a few minutes to organize and “clean” your smartphone, tablet or computer. Look for interesting programs by interests: educational applications, educational games or platforms for creativity.

Attend a culinary master class

Who knows, maybe after such a master class a child will discover new culinary talents, and a new chef will appear in your home?

 A real robot with remote control is possible today!

You can learn to create robots with your own hands in a robotics club or in a robotics camp.

Learn a foreign language

A decent idea for a student who wants to be successful. In summer you can enroll in foreign language courses or go to one of the language camps. A change in a children’s language camp is an immersion in the language environment, an opportunity to improve speaking skills.


Make permutations or repairs in the nursery. Let the children’s idea of ​​interior design come true. Such a common cause as repairs will probably unite you.

Sign up for the pool

If for some reason you can not see the sea this summer, enroll your child in the pool. For water sports, summer is the best time.

Study and rest

From the first day of school, you have an important task – learning. In the lessons you will learn about something new, interesting and useful. You do your homework at home.

To study successfully and you are less tired, you should be able to alternate training with rest. At school, work hard on the lesson, listen carefully to the teacher. Take a break from exercise during breaks and during breaks.

Do your homework diligently at home. Don’t forget to set aside the right time for this in your daily routine.

Always prepare homework at the same time. Do not take lessons immediately after returning from school. Rest first. And only then – to the point.

Before you start homework, prepare everything you need: a diary, notebooks, textbooks, pen, pencil, eraser and more. Remove unnecessary things from the table so as not to interfere.

When performing tasks, do not rush and do not be distracted. After a while – rest, do exercise.

After completing your homework, collect your briefcase. Put everything in its place. Always maintain cleanliness and order in your workplace.

When performing tasks, do not rush and do not be distracted. After a while – rest, do exercise.

After completing your homework, collect your briefcase. Put everything in its place. Always maintain cleanliness and order in your workplace. It

Why do we need rest?

To keep up, you need to constantly keep yourself active – an axiom that many workaholics adhere to. However, as scientific studies have shown, everyone’s energy reserves tend to be depleted.

If you do not pause for a long time, it can eventually lead to the following consequences.

  • Reduction of productivity.
  • Deterioration of concentration and protective functions of the body.
  • Sleep and appetite disorders.
  • Failure of the psycho-emotional state.

So rest is very important. It must be adequately alternated with other activities: study, work, family responsibilities. Then we can talk about a harmonious way of life.

Useful tips for quality recreation

To help your body recover, you should follow certain guidelines. They are quite simple but effective.

Learn to switch

Make your leisure time diverse. If you work all day in the office at the computer, the best rest for you will be a walk in the fresh air or sports. You can dedicate time to family and household responsibilities (cleaning the house, cooking new meals, paying for utilities, etc.).

However, do not dive into them with your head, if you do not want to get tired even more. Go to the movies, spa, have a picnic with family or friends. So you can not only switch, but also get moral satisfaction.

Do not ignore the rest

Many of us promise to get some sleep on the weekends, relax after the project, etc. But situations are different, so sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself for career growth or financial success.

However, it should be borne in mind that constant overload leads to a loss of enthusiasm and strength. Remember that workaholism is only useful in moderation. When a person is healthy and energetic, he works much more efficiently.

Cancel all cases

Periodically arrange a “clean” day for yourself: without work meetings, organizers, diaries and to-do lists. If you can not completely break away from things, try to allocate a certain interval for them.

For example, once every 3 hours you can check mail and messengers. And the rest of the time it is better to keep the phone turned off and enjoy the rest.

Try to separate personal life and work

Are you always in touch, solving things during lunch, at home, on transport, on vacation and on weekends? Constantly living in this mode, burdening your loved ones and your own thinking, is wrong. Learn to leave work at work, and spend time at home with yourself and family.

Pamper yourself

Spend your weekend or vacation with maximum pleasure. You can arrange a trip abroad, if financial possibilities allow. And if not, but I really want, then for this purpose it is not a sin to even take out a loan.

Now many organizations borrow on favorable terms and are not interested in how you spend money. You can also treat yourself to a delicious delicacy, spa treatments or other pleasures at your leisure. The main thing is that the effect was achieved.

Get some sleep

Good sleep normalizes the nervous system and general condition of the body. To gain strength, a person needs to spend in the arms of Morpheus at least 7-8 hours a day.

It is important to take care of the quality of sleep. To do this, follow a few recommendations.

  • Ventilate the room.
  • Go to bed no later than 23:00.
  • Do not think about problems and do not use gadgets at bedtime.
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