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How to Get Rich Online with Web-Based Jobs?

If you are a firm believer of the internet’s revolutionary role in today’s world then you are not alone. There are many professionals out there who think that web is playing a major role in not only shaping our future, but also making our present more useful and worthy. In fact, there are people who have used the web to make some wonderful innovations and in the process the internet has rewarded them with huge riches. Can you repeat that success? More importantly, can you also use the web to earn money? The answer is yes. This is how.

How to Get Rich Online

Ways to Get Rich Quick Online

To cash in online you don’t need to be a game changer or genius like Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. Although you won’t be able to make $17.5 billion like him in a single lifetime, nevertheless you will make good money for yourself. However, the only requirement is that you should have an eye for opportunity. The Internet is a highly dynamic species which is evolving and changing by every passing second. We all know how Yahoo was once the most dominating company in Internet, however, that space is now occupied by companies like Google and Facebook which had a better grasp of the dynamics of the web. They saw the opportunity that was there and seized it to become what they are today. As an individual, if you want to get rich by using the web, you have to be receptive, intuitive and hard working. Plus, you have to think out of the box in order to get noticed in the crowd.

How to get Rich Online

How to Get Rich Online

Best Way to Get Rich

You don’t have to be a computer wizard, or a pop star on Youtube to become rich through web. Simple jobs like content writing, designing websites, following social media, reviewing products on e-commerce sites can establish your authority and make you an important person. People will come to you for advice and that’s how you can use your knowledge to earn some cash for you. Luck also has a small role, but the harder you work, the better your luck will become. There are many success stories to get inspired from. Here are some of the ways in which you can become rich from the web:

Start Writing

While this might seem the easiest way to make some money online, the truth is that it’s also one of the most time taking ways. However, the investment required is almost zero and all you have to have is acceptable writing skills and a love to write. Whether it is business writing that you are interested in or writing relationship advice, there is an audience for all. You can also get a full time content writing job in good companies as every business needs content to communicate with its clients and audience.

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There is always an option to moonlight along with your day job. Or, you can start your own blog, although it would be some time before it really takes off. The best thing about content writing is that you don’t have to pour your financial resources into it.  Neither does setting up a free blog requires great technical expertise. You just have to be a bit computer savvy.  There are many ways to monetize a blog and with time and consistent efforts, you will learn them all.

How to get rich online

Start Writing

Make a video that goes viral

Music videos on Youtube make huge money for their uploaders. Ganganam Style from PSY is the highest grossing Youtube video of all time and with more than 2 billion views (and still counting) it has made PSY, the singer, more than $2 million in Youtube ads. Music videos are not the only one minting money. If you are lucky and creative enough, you can shoot a video of your child, or pet anything funny and noteworthy and it can go viral. Next you know will be Youtube getting in touch with you and asking you to become a partner. As a partner Youtube will run ads along with your clip and share more than 50% revenue with you.

Make an entry in e-commerce

How to get rich online


E-commerce is the flavor of the season. Everyone seems to be riding the wave. From selling usual products like books, clothes and electronics, e-commerce sites are now selling cars, trucks and similar crazy stuff online, which again mean that there is a market for everything, you just need to identify it. You can either work for an e-commerce company or start your own e-commerce site. Or use one of these sites as a seller to sell your old stuff. Sophia Amoruso, the Nasty Gal clothing store founder started her journey from selling her vintage finds on eBay and later on created her own platform. Today she is worth more than $130 million.

Monetize your Creativity:

There is some creativity in all of us. Either we can write well, speak fluently or take amazing pictures or compose awesome music. The key in the Internet age is to monetize what we can do to either teach others who can’t do it or make the product of your creativity available for global consumption. You may happen to capture some critical moments in your camera which might be noteworthy for news sources or magazines. There might be big dollars for that picture you took last year on the New Year from a private publisher or advertiser.

How to get rich online

Monetize Your Creativity

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Bottom line:

The road to riches on the web is riddled with a number of curves, roadblocks, speed breakers, but with the right vehicle and drive you can reach where your friends can only dream about, and lead an extraordinary life.

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