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How to Prep for BOTOX Appointment In Scottsdale, Arizona

An ideal and effective cosmetic method for those who want to eliminate wrinkles is the speedy and straightforward Botox.

Whether targeted to the eyes, chin, or performed as a lip flip, this non-surgical procedure is easily and readily available.

Prep for BOTOX Appointment In Scottsdale

Read on to understand further, and how to prep for Botox appointment in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Botox eliminates wrinkles and in contrast to other face-lifting procedures, does not require incisions.

A short visit to a healthcare clinic will eliminate face flab, chin shag, and eyelid sag and restores a glowing, youthful appearance.

Shots of Botox are administered to previously-identified wrinkle spots and last for approximately six months, with skin very gradually returning to the original position.

While it may be uncomfortable, especially the first time as it is a new sensation, pain is non-existent.

The method is low-risk, with minimal side effects and downtime. Following the aesthetic nurse injector’s instructions satisfactorily will limit downtime to only a couple of days, avoid problems healing, and achieve the best results.

Selecting a Provider

Choose a Certified Aesthetic Nurse Injector for their quality, not primarily for their affordability. Read reviews and feedback, and research where the practitioner received their education and training. Select a Injector that is reputable and reliable.

As Botox is administered in and charged by units, the price will vary for the number of units used. Costs may vary between each facility.

Proper Preparation

Conduct research and ask the Injector questions to understand what will occur at the appointment.

Avoid stimulants, alcohol, and other products with blood-thinning elements.

Stimulants, such as caffeine, can cause oozing during the injection, slow the healing process, and increase the chances of bruising and swelling.

Blood thinners, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, reduce the effectiveness of the process.

Therefore, avoiding any substance is a crucial way to prepare for Botox.

It is advisable to avoid bleaching or hair removal creams in the desired treatment area and limit sun exposure beforehand.

Prepare by engaging in simple exercise to encourage healthy blood flow and relax the body. Remove all makeup and thoroughly cleanse the skin to deter any chance of infection, and apply ice to targeted areas to pre-emptively reduce bruising.

Successful Aftercare

It is advisable to immediately and carefully exercise the face to ensure Botox is effective and lasts longer. Moving the muscles will stimulate blood flow, allowing the treatment to reach all the intended cells in the targeted area. Gently raise and lower the eyebrows, smile, and frown. Do avoid vigorous activity.

Apply ice packs to the affected areas to reduce bruising and swelling.

After about 5 hours, gently – without chemicals-  use a mild soap to cleanse the face, avoiding touching injection sites.

It is okay to wash hair but use warm, not hot, water, as the heat will render Botox ineffective and cause bruising.

Constantly drink water to remain hydrated. Avoid dehydrating drinks such as coffee or alcohol.

As well, ensure the skin itself stays moisturised.


Botox is a safe and convenient procedure for those wanting to eliminate wrinkles.

Book an appointment today to create a new, youthful look. Or you can book to the nearest acecosm in your place and have your appointment scheduled!

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