How to Reset Router Properly – A Complete Guide

The Internet has become a part of modern life. Life seems incomplete, vacant and almost meaningless to people who have become used to their smartphones, computers, tablets etc. All of these electronic devices run on the internet using a small device for wireless connectivity.

How to Reset a Wi-Fi Router Password

The presence of a Wi-Fi router has become almost invariable. Routers are extremely important when it comes to connectivity. They allow wireless connectivity of various devices to not only the internet but also allows them to interconnect with other devices present in the vicinity.

Since the internet is the lifeline of the current generation, it can be said that routers are extremely crucial for proper functioning of the various devices connected through it.

Types of Routers

Routers have become an indispensable part of human life in the current scenario. There are various types of routers available in the market. One can choose from any of the available options for their homes or offices.

  • Wired router: A box-shaped device which connects directly to the computer through wire connections. One connection helps connect the router to the modem through which it receives internet packages, the other port allows it to connect to the computer for distribution or utilization of internet data packet. Some of such routers may also contain a port for distribution of data to fax machines and/or telephones. Local area network or LAN is established by wired routers.
  • Wireless router: It connects directly to a modem through a cable to receive internet data, however, unlike wired routers, wireless ones do not require cables to transmit data to various devices. It uses one or more antennae to transmit the data. The wireless router converts data packets from binary codes to radio signals, which are received by the computer’s wireless receiver. This again converts the radio signals into binary digits. A wireless local area network (WLAN) is formed by a wireless router.

Ways to Reset Your Router Password

  • Core router: It is used to distribute internet data packets within a network either through LAN or WLAN.
  • Edge router: It uses LAN or WLAN to distribute internet data packets between one or more networks.
  • Virtual router: It is an abstract, vague object that serves as a default router for computers that share a network. Using the virtual router redundancy protocol (VRRP), it becomes active when any of the primaries, physical routers are disabled.
  • DSL router: Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) modem is a device used to connect a computer to a telephone line for internet connectivity. DSL router combines the function of DSL modem and a router to allow internet access to various computers through multiple Ethernet ports or wireless connectivity.
  • Gaming Routers: Gaming routers or modems are bit different to your typical Netgear box. Gaming modems typically have a bigger processor and more memory to deliver better QoS features. QoS stands for quality of service and is a way to reduce latency while playing online games. If you want to read more about gaming router, please check out this article on the best gaming modem – a dream come true for online gamers.

The Need to Reset Your Router

Security is the primary reason apart from various others why one often needs to reset their Wi-Fi router. You might have other people piggyback riding through your router, which may reduce your speed at the same time, decreasing your data packets and increasing your charges.

On the other hand, malware infection can infect network routers which may be harmful to any of the systems connected to the network. Average home routers do not have malware detection or prevention software, hence resetting your router is your best bet against such an attack.

Alternately, difficulty in troubleshooting internet connectivity issues may cause you to reset the router. Resetting is also essential if you have forgotten the administrator’s password or the wireless security key.

How to Reset the Router?

Routers have become an integral part of most companies as well as homes. With a plethora of options to choose from ASUS, D-Link, TP-Link, Linksys etc. one often needs to reset the router for a number of reasons. There are different ways to reset the router, depending on the type as well as resetting format.

Reset Router To Factory Default Settings

Power Cycling:

The easiest method to reset the router is to shut-off then reapply the power to the system. This is generally helpful in case of router-related dropped connections which may occur due to overheating or corruption of internal memory of the router. This technique does not erase saved settings such as passwords etc.

  • Shut off the unit’s switch or unplug the power cord.
  • In case of battery powered routers, remove their batteries.
  • Restart the power supply (plug-in power cord, reattach batteries etc.) within a few seconds.
  • The router takes some time to resume its functions after power is restored.

Hard Reset:

Ensures that fresh settings are installed for the router, usually used when an administrator has forgotten their password.

The software is reset to factory settings thereby removing all customizations like usernames, passwords, security keys etc.

However, they do not remove the currently installed router firmware version. It is advisable to disconnect the broadband modem from the router before resetting.

  • Power the router, turn it towards the side with the Reset button (back or bottom).
  • Hold down the Reset button for 30 seconds with a sharp pointy object.
  • Release the button and wait for 30 seconds for the router to reset.
  • Alternately, hold down the Reset button for 90 seconds if the 30-second style doesn’t work.

Soft Reset:

Usually used in case of internet connectivity issues. Unlike the other 2 types of reset, soft resets show instantaneous effects as the router doesn’t reboot in this case.

  • Unplug the cable connecting the modem and router only to reconnect it after a few seconds.
  • Alternately you can use the disconnect/reconnect button (if available) on the console to reset the connection between the service provider and modem.
  • Linksys provides a menu option to restore default factory setting without going for a hard reset.

Netgear Router reset:

Apart from D-Link and Linksys, Netgear is another popular router.

  • Connect router and PC and open browser.
  • Type router IP address (either or
  • Enter default username and password (admin-admin or admin-pass).
  • Go to advanced settings and then administration and backup.

Using these techniques you can easily reset your router.

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