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How to Spy On Someone’s Text Without Touching It

People always stay curious about text messages of any person either a friend or any family member. Spying on text messages sounds interesting and funny by accessing their phone device but how to read text messages without touching the phone?

That sounds more critical and technical because we all know that it takes some high hacking skills to track any phone device.

How to Spy On Someone's Text

Well, most of you would be thinking right now that you would have to learn hacking or programming to do phone spying. No need to worry because you can actually spy on any phone device for reading messages remotely. Yes, that’s true and that’s 100% safe but how?

Most of the people are not familiar with the Phone spying app, this type of app allows you to track any phone device without acquiring any skills or knowledge.

There are lots of cellphone spying apps available but you have to choose the one that provides quality and professional spying services. You couldn’t afford any risk or loss of your personal data by using any low-quality phone spy app. Let’s have a look at the best cellphone hacking app.

Spyier – An Innovative Phone Monitoring App

Spyier comes in the list of some of the best phone spying apps in the World. The quality and professionalism can be felt with the services of this amazing app. You don’t have to learn any hacking skills for using this app because it is very easy to use this brilliant spy app.

There are no restrictions regarding phone type because you can spy on both Android and iPhone devices without facing any issues. By the way, going through Spyier view post will clear all of our misconceptions and queries regarding the Spyier spying app.

Spyier - Mobile Phone Monitoring

Some spy apps would ask you to engage in risky phone activities like Jailbreak and Root in order to perform phone monitoring.

With Spyier app, you don’t have to perform Rooting or Jailbreaking sort of activities because Spyier doesn’t ask its users to perform risky activities. Some of you would have fear in mind about getting caught but no need to worry.

This Spyier app runs on Stealth Modewhich means the device owner can’t catch monitoring his/her phone device. There are more than 30 spy features included in this brilliant phone spy app including text spy for reading someone’s messages remotely. So, why not learn more about text spy app ‘Spyier’ to get to know how it works.

Spy Text Messages

Spying text messages has been never easy and simple like it is now due to the Spyier app. No matter which phone device, you can read the text messages of anybody without getting detected. Let’s get to know what can be done using this Spy SMS feature.

  • Reading all sent and received messages of the target phone device.
  • Accessing iMessages and deleted messages can also be done.
  • Viewing all media files, contacts names, timestamps, and other details.

Spy Text Messages

Beside message spying, you can monitor the record of phone calls either incoming or outgoing. Monitoring of third-party apps like WhatsApp, FB, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, and other apps as well. Tracking web-browser history is also possible along with bookmarks and other web records.

Geo-fence alert feature by Spyier is very popular among parents to stay alert and updated with their kids’ location. Tracking GPS, WiFi, and SIM-based location is also possible in this spectacular spy app. There are 35 spy features provided in this app according to users’ requirements and preferences.

Using the Spyier app is easier than your expectations because all you have to do is to create a Spyier account and use it from any web-browser.

Yes, Spyier is a web-based app that can be used on any web browser on any device to track any phone device without getting detected. Let’s find out how we can use the SMS spy feature by setting up an account on Spyier.

How to Spy Text Messages using Spyier

It is very easy to spy on text messages of any phone device without getting detected. There are no risks involved in reading someone’s phone messages using the Spyier spy app. Creating an account and logging on to spy on any phone is all about Spyier.

1] Step 1

Open your web browser on PC or phone, go to the official website of Spyier and set up for new Spyier’s account by entering Email and Password.

Create Spyier Account

2] Step 2

Choose Android or iOS depending on the OS of that device you want to spy on. For Android, you would have to access the target Android device for once just for installing Spyier app and after that, you are free to spy on that device remotely.

Spyier app - iCloud account

For an iPhone, you would have to enter the credentials of an iCloud account that is logged in that target iPhone device.

3] Step 3

Wait for a few seconds and let the Spyier configure the iCloud account or Android app. After following on-screen instructions, you are ready to go.

Congratulations, you have managed to create a Spyier account that you can log in on any device from any web browser to spy on that configured phone device.

In case you want to test Spyier’s services yourself before choosing this app, you can try out the Demo version of this app by visiting the official website.


As an overall summary, it would be not wrong to say that Spyier is one of the best spy apps in the market right now. Spying on both iPhone and Android devices is allowed without facing any compatibility issues or problems.

There is no risk of getting caught because of its stealth mode which makes it impossible for the device owner to catch you spying on the phone device.

From call record tracking to location tracking almost every phone spying feature has been added to this app. The online demo version can also be availed by any user who wants to check Spyier’s services before subscribing to this app.

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