How To Use AI For Creative Projects

The current world of art is moving really fast and the most successful leaders are blessed with a laser focus on the future, where change is inevitable and constant. Since automation and technology keep transforming the way we work, the future is nearer than what we can imagine. We live in a time when pace of change is accelerating, it is critical for a business to achieve excellence. But this is easier said than done.

This is where the role of artificial intelligence comes in. AI or Artificial Intelligence is said to be an extraordinary force for creative excellence. The power and value of AI to boost creativity is gradually starting to be tapped. It can assist designers and artists in creating unimaginable scale and transform the way we create content and interact.

Use AI For Creative Projects

Thanks to AI that creative workflows can be done efficiently and by removing the primary menial tasks. Let’s check out the tricks and tips that you can use for creative AI projects.

Use super-resolution to resize images

Did you know that the MachineRay system can generate 1024X1024 pixel images? Though this size seems to be fine for viewing them on computer screens, they might be slightly small for printing purposes. At 300 DPI, the print could only be at a size of 3.5 inches.

The images can be resized by leveraging interpolation, but they would look soft when printed in 12 inches. ANNs or Artificial Neural Networks can be used for resizing images while using a technique called ISR or Image Super Resolution.

Change creative workflows with intelligent tech

There’s no doubt about the fact that AI or Artificial Intelligence allows a new era of creative excellence that can transform creative workflows and create new competitive opportunities.

AI offers deep insight into the needs and desires of customers and AI can help companies prototype concepts to identify the ones that resonate with customers. The tools that make up artificial intelligence can transform creative workflows.

Transform big data into valuable insight

For the marketers, data is a double-edged sword that offers insights into preferences and activities of consumers. Machine-learning algorithms have made it simpler to analyse data, transforming the raw numbers into actionable insight. With the advancements in processing of language processing will mean that you can present insight in a simpler way for humans.

Deep learning to improve creativity

If creative expression is involved, it is all about generating new ideas and this has been understood as a human skillset. There are numerous research projects that are showing deep learning, which is an advanced machine learning technique, used to simulate various aspects of human creativity.

One more example is the automated content creators that utilizes algorithms to generate different forms of text based on computer-learned model of an author.

Content generation

Composing is much of the time seen as a simply human action, yet Artificial Intelligence frameworks are progressively being utilized to compose articles all alone – some are even equipped for creating full stories. The innovation can filter great many pages like a flash and afterward use what it figures out how to create content that mirrors a human writer’s style.

Similarly, AI image generator tools like CF Spark Art,, are a type of artificial intelligence technology that can create original images based on a prompt. These tools can be incredibly useful for content generation, as they allow users to quickly and easily generate high-quality images that can be used in a variety of contexts.

For example, a business might use an AI image generator tool to create images for their website or social media pages, or a marketing team might use the tool to create promotional materials. Additionally, AI image generator tools can be useful for creating images for research or data visualization purposes. Overall, these tools can save time and resources, and can help users create engaging and professional-looking images with ease.

Foster new innovative assets

Customary statistical surveying techniques can be tedious, costly, and challenging to scale while growing new inventive resources. Cognitive technology uses regular language handling and AI advancements to rapidly ingest a lot of unstructured information – surveys, virtual entertainment posts, news stories – and distinguish examples and patterns that assist brands with understanding their clients desires better. Advertisers can then utilize these bits of knowledge to foster insights that resounds with purchasers.

Suggest canny ways ahead

You can apply Artificial intelligence to imaginative work processes in numerous ways, from improving creation cycles to illuminating choices about what content will reverberate with buyers. With artificial intelligence controlledtools, advertisers can make more significant, designated crusades overwhelmingly of information -, for example, statistical surveying, client profiles and brand execution measurements – to anticipate purchaser conduct and suggest which messages will impact them most actually. This sort of innovation upgrades technique by giving constant direction in light of what has worked previously and assists brands with expecting buyer needs before they emerge.

Reveal talents in unforeseen spots

The innovativeness of the human brain is an interestingly strong asset yet one that has generally been hard to successfully tackle. With the guide of artificial intelligence advances, be that as it may, ability can be recognized and sustained in recently ignored places, in this way opening new open doors for imaginative experts who once confronted hindrances.

Fake News Finder

Fake news is deluding or bogus data that is coursed as news. It is frequently challenging to recognize phony and genuine news, and it isn’t until the circumstance gets dramatically overemphasized that it becomes known. The spreading of fake news turns out to be particularly risky during circumstances such as races or pandemic circumstances. Fake reports and deception that posture mischief to living souls are taking steps to individuals and the general public.

Fake news should be recognized and forestalled right on time, before it makes frenzy and spreads countless individuals.

To construct a fake news indicator, you can utilize the Real and Fake News dataset accessible on Kaggle.

You can utilize a pre-prepared AI model called BERT to play out this grouping. BERT is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) model that has been made open-source. You can stack BERT into Python and simply add one extra result layer for your text grouping task.

Translator App

On the off chance that you are keen on getting everything rolling in the field of Natural Language Processing, you ought to have a go at building an interpreter application with the assistance of a transformer.

A transformer model concentrates highlights from sentences and decides the significance of each word in a sentence. A transformer has an encoding and unravelling part, the two of which are prepared start to finish.

You can fabricate your own Artificial intelligence interpreter application with a transformer. To do this, you can stack a pre-prepared transformer model into Python. Then, change the text you need to convert into tokens and feed it into the pre-prepared model.

You can involve the GluonNLP library for this reason. You can likewise stack the train and test dataset for this Artificial intelligence project from this library.

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