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Everything You Need To Know About Inbound Marketing

How does inbound marketing work? This is one of the questions some people have been asking ever since. Read on to learn more as we will give a detailed answer you can expect from experts.

Before we go into details on how inbound marketing works, let’s first understand what inbound marketing is. Basically, inbound marketing is the process of attracting and enticing prospects through content creation before they even think of buying your products or services.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing

It is one of the best, reliable and most cost-effective means of converting strangers into customers, supporters, partners or promoters of your business.

1) Do people use this marketing strategy?

The research that was conducted in 2013 revealed that around 34% of all business leads generated within that year was a result of using inbound marketing tools.

The same research also revealed that many marketers used 34% of their annual budget to conduct inbound marketing and 48% of them were planning to spend more in 2013. This tells us that several people are using inbound marketing to get more leads and sales.

2) How does it work?

Inbound marketing agencies like Red-Fern Media customize a plan for your business. Based on where your business is and where you want it to be within a specific period, they come up with a roadmap on how to arrive there. To come up with an inbound marketing strategy that works, they look at your industry and analyse your competitors.

They then use different tactics to build your business web presence and improve its online visibility. For instance, they implement full content marketing strategy which is then backed up by different digital marketing tools available over the internet. Social media is one of the digital marketing tools several marketers use to generate web traffic.

Once prospects arrive at your business website, they learn more about your industry and familiarize themselves on what you are offering. Here, they also get more information about your business including your products, services and company’s logo which qualifies and nurtures your business leads. Once they are content with what you are offering, they then get in touch with salespeople or customer care professionals who close the deal.

How inbound marketing works

If you are dealing with a certified inbound marketing agency, your inbound marketing strategies will start to pull more leads and sales. This does not end there. It is recommended you analyse your return on investment to make sure you getting the value of your money.

Pulling relevant customers, leads and sales to your website do not end there. A long-term inbound marketing strategy ensures that your prospects are engaged with your business.

In a nutshell, inbound marketing strategies ensure that there is more traffic to your website through creating high-quality content which is what most consumers prefer. These visitors, once they arrive at your site, become qualified leads which later become sales.

How about you? What is your opinion about this? Have you tried inbound marketing? Share it to us in the comments section below. :)

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  • Hey Harshil,

    With new technology constantly emerging, consumer behaviours changing, and the economy in frequent flucuation, marketers must do whatever it takes to stay in the loop and on top of the game if they wish to stay relevant throughout year or for prolong time.

    Inbound is especially popular in smaller companies, who are running smaller marketing teams and leveraging inbound concepts to attract visitors and leads to their brands on a limited budget.

    Larger organizations tend to have more equally distributed their resources, focusing half their efforts on inbound tactics and half on traditional outbound campaigns like commercials and print ads.

    This type of quality marketing will not only make your website far easier to find, but it also allows you to communicate in a way that invites customers to learn more about you and develop a long-term relationship with your brand. Eventually, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    With best wishes,
    Amar kumar

  • Thank you for Sharing this Information. I heard about Inbound Marketing but i didn’t try it before but after reading your post and visit to the Website you suggested (Red Fern Media), i decided to do Inbound Marketing to increase my Website Traffic.