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Interview with Kulwant Nagi From BloggingCage

Interview Of Kulwant Nagi From BloggingCage

The Seventh Interview of Just Web World. Today we have Kulwant Nagi with us. He is a Internet Entrepreneur, blogger, writer, day dreamer and a visionary human being. He is a Owner of BloggingCage. The BloggingCage Blog share Some useful Informations Like Blogging Tools, Blogging Tips, SEO, WordPress, Social Media News, Social Media Tips,Money Making Tips, Inspirational Stories. Apart from being a Internet Marketer, He is really a nice person having friendly nature. Every blogger should have friendly nature. In this Interview, He has shared important information about his blog, Life and professional work.

Interview of Kulwant Nagi From BloggingCage

So, Let’s learn from his experience and start the interview:

First All Thank you so much Kulwant for giving me an opportunity for taking your Interview. I hope that I and My Blog Readers will Learn Lot’s of things from your Interview.

1.) Kulwant we know who you are but as a formality, Can you tell us a little about yourself ?

A small town guy with BIG dreams. I am from a small city in Haryana, India. By qualification I am B.Tech graduate. Before coming to blogging I was working in a MNC (now acquired by world’s biggest company) as a VLSI verification engineer. During job I found that this is not the life which I wanted to live, so after 6 months I resigned from my job and started blogging.

2.) How and Why did you start blogging Journey?

I started my blogging journey in 2011. And the biggest reason to start a blog was MONEY. I didn’t know anything about blogging, but one things was clear.. that I can make money with blogging. 🙂

3.) Every website has a back story behind it. Tell us story of BloggingCage.Com ?

There is a very small story behind this blog. When I started blogging in September 2011, I started it with (we all do this ;)) and kept on adding articles on blogging niche. But after 2 months realized that having a blog with my own name is not going to help me to make it brand so I started doing little brainstorming. After discussing with Pradeep Kumar (Owner of I finalized that I am going to run my blog with different name. So in January, 2012 I registered for BloggingCage Blog.

4.) Kulwant, you left your job and started blogging, what was Reason behind it?

This was one of the life changing decisions for me.. and obviously very tough too. The reason was – I wanted to live my life in my own way. 🙂

5.) What is the Meaning of Entrepreneurship in your View?

Entrepreneurship is way to find something from scratch which can help people to make their life easier.

6.) How many hours do you dedicate to your blog daily?

These days I am devoting around 15 hours in day for doing various activities online.


7.) Any idea how to get fast traffic on blog?

There is no shortcut to get traffic on blogs. If this had been so easy then everyone would have been making tons of money online. These are the ways which I personally use

  1. Become active on social media sites.
  2. Become active on famous internet marketing forums.
  3. Help as many people as you can.
  4. Make relations with people in your niche.
  5. Keep doing atleast one guest post per month.
  6. If you can arrange then keep hosting at least one good Giveaway on your blog every month.

8.) Which premium tools you are using on your blog and why?

I am big fan of Long Tail Pro. The day I started using it, my business started growing. Apart from this I am using Scrapebox (not in black hat way), The Best Spinner, GSA SER, Kontent Machine (You can read Kontent Machine Review on my blog) and few others. Tools are the best way to get your work done is less time.. They are like your servants.. so it’s depends on the order which you give them. People keep saying – this tool is bad, that tool is bad. But in my opinion – No tool is bad… it’s how you operate them.

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9.) What is the biggest blogging mistake you have done?

If you are not making mistakes then you are not trying. So I have done tons of mistakes like choosing wrong topic for my niche blogs, buying some REALLY BAD gigs from Fiverr which ended up like hell for me and many others. So I cannot say, this was the biggest or that was. It’s a journey… keep making mistakes, keep learning.

10. ) What are your future plans for BloggingCage?

Till now I am working hard to make it one-stop destination for newbies. In future I am going to start audio podcasts and video tutorial session.

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11. ) Your Favourite Quote?

If you can think, you can achieve.

12. ) Any advice that you can give to our readers their success?

The key to success in internet marketing is CONSISTENCY. We as a newbie keep looking for many options to make money online (which is actually good in starting days of blogging), but if you are still not able to stick to one thing even after spending 2+ years in online marketing then something is wrong. Decide one things today (I know it’s difficult) and become the master of that. That’s all friends. So I Hope that you Learn Lots from The BloggingCage Blog Owner Kulwant Nagi. Thanks for reading my interview.Keep practising ,keep on learning new things.Keep calm and always be positive.

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  • Hi Harshil,

    I have been following kulwant for a long time now, what i have learned from kulwant is that transparency should be maintained when you are blogging.

    Most of the admins of good blogs call themselves and they don’t even share a thing tips or secrets to their readers fearing (Lack of confidence in him/her self).

    What i think is, a blogger is a teacher and a true blogger is the one who has confident in himself.

    Good job Harshil.

    Krishna Kumar Silvery.

  • I really liked the interview of kulwant nagi and thanks for sharing the useful information with us.

  • Great interview. I am feeling really inspired now.What blogging cage made in few years is just outstanding I must say I learn some of the best things from this interview .Thanks