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Mark the schedules for iOS 9 [and features]

Most of the excitements are centred with the iOS 8, but the Cupertino has already started process for iOS 9. Making it even more interesting, we want to say that the company has currently set a schedule for WWDC 2015. The buzz is that even iOS 9 may put its wraps off on the day.

Is the event on June next year is WWDC?

It is being heard that there is going to be an event scheduled in June next year. We won’t be at all amazed if that so called event becomes the WWDC. In addition, if we turn the pages of history it s quite clear that the Cupertino has been presenting something new in this fashion.


OSX might find some tweaks

Another much expected announcement which is going to be made is regarding the OS X. But, some speculate it not to be too much exciting as it is assumed. In fact it may be something to be picked and introduced with some changes, like some updates. On this context you can take the case of OS X Mountain Lion. Here the basic design remains intact only with some additional specs those can be useful for the users.

iOS 9 features

Stuffs in Pipeline:

To be honest nothing has been confirmed by the Cupertino regarding the upcoming event. In fact it may not be unveiling anything prior next year. This is quite justified as the Cupertino is having many things in pipe line like the iPhone 6, iPads and the events concerned with much buzzed iOS 8 OR YOU can say Yosemite as well.

Loads of good news for the Apple fans:

Again there might be something completely different as a launch event for the platforms. iOS 8 and Yosemite were the big things in last year’s event. Making a comparative analysis, iOS 8 is pretty much the same as of iOS7 in addition with a good amount of latest specs like revamped notification, snapping experience, latest additions regarding texts. Anyway, the one that we like the most is the flawless support through OS X, the feature that lets the iPhone users to answer and pick the calls over their Macs. In addition, the users can send and have texts over the Macs besides iMessages.


Hot things with iOS 9:

Though iOS 9 is having nothing to share officially, that really hasn’t been able to stop the speculation or insider mills. In fact, the OS is in news mostly due to these assumptions. It’s mostly expected that the users might evidence the revamps in terms of the apple maps, widgets, iTunes, avoiding the unnecessary apps and many others. In addition, we can certainly expect an even better health application with the latest OS. Primarily, the chances are high for the platform to be moreover on cloud side.


The iOS 8 has been quite a hot topic and probably going to be there for public in September with the unveiling of iPhone 6. However, many possibilities hold for the Yosemite to put its wraps off anywhere in October something similar to that of iOS7 and OS X Mavericks.

You can’t absolutely deny that the Cupertino might change the entire process. But, looking at the way it has been consistent in past few years in terms of unveiling the products, it shouldn’t be surprising at all keeping up with the conventional ways. What so ever, you don’t need to do any sort of hard work rather than staying with us.

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