Is One Bitcoin Enough To Own? How Much Does It Cost Today?

Many Bitcoin and cryptocurrency supporters hope that their Bitcoins can make them rich enough in a few years and help them live without problems in retirement. And many wonder how to buy Bitcoin with credit card without verification and is it possible at all to buy it in this way?

The best cryptocurrency community expects that Bitcoin may well repeat its February 2021 all-time high ($57,000) and even surpass it. Bitcoin’s new highs also mean that someday even 0.1 BTC can be a valuable amount, which will allow you to live comfortably.

Bitcoin - Currency

Bitcoin gives you relative freedom when you urgently need to transfer a large amount of money. This can’t be done online or when your bank is closed. Then digital currency may well help you. Moreover, Bitcoin is completely unaffected by inflation. But there can be no more than 21 million Bitcoins worldwide.

  • At the moment, their number is approximately 19 million.
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may well become the most advanced currency.
  • Digital currency is not subject to depreciation and it will be possible to pay for goods and services easily and quickly.

Storing Bitcoin is also much safer than other currencies. However, of course, anything can happen. For example, there was already a precedent when the founders of a large digital exchange disappeared. And before that, they stole Bitcoins from their clients for almost $2.3 billion.

At the moment, buying Bitcoin is more an investment in the future benefits of its use than a way to get rich. Despite this, people are still more accustomed to using ordinary money so far.

Previously, to buy Bitcoin with credit card no verification on the exchange market, it was necessary to resort to the help of third parties.

Today you can buy Bitcoin without ID on the Switchere exchange immediately with your debit or credit card like VISA or Mastercard in USD or any other currency. The cryptocurrency you bought will be credited immediately to the internal Bitcoin wallet of the Switchere exchange.

What to do next? After the purchase, you will have the opportunity to transfer Bitcoins to an external wallet or start trading them. Experts believe that the price of that kind of money will grow in the future. Today its price is $47000.

How to Buy BTC without Verification and ID in 2021

The requirement of cryptocurrency exchanges to pass the verification procedure is based on ensuring the safety of the client’s assets in case of unforeseen situations. Also, some states, in case of suspicion of illegal activity, require sites to provide data on the client.

According to the authorities, there is a so-called “fight against money laundering” and a set of measures called “AML” (Anti Money Laundering) is being introduced.

The main reluctance of users to provide documents and take photos with them is associated with the security of data storage on the Internet. Many cryptocurrency platforms have been and are being attacked by cybercriminals, where, along with the theft of funds, they take possession of personal data.

Among the regulatory authorities, the fact of payment of taxes by the user is also interesting. After the verification procedure, there may be a visit from the tax office.

Existing cryptocurrency exchanges should adhere to the basic concept of cryptocurrency – anonymity and client confidentiality. For example, Switchere doesn’t always require verification with the provision of personal data when transactions with digital coins are held. So, you can easily buy Bitcoin without verification on this exchange.

In most cases, this is necessary for operations through bank cards and when the daily withdrawal limits are exceeded.

To avoid such troubles, there are quite a few good crypto exchanges where you can buy Bitcoin no verification or they require it only for certain actions.

For example, such a place as the Switchere exchange allows users to withdraw up to 2 BTC per day without identity verification. And as for trading itself without verification on the exchange, this doesn’t violate legal norms. So, you can buy Bitcoin instantly no verification with an app or a site right now without any problem.

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