KeepVid Android App (Best YouTube Video Downloader for Android)
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KeepVid Android App (Best YouTube Video Downloader for Android)

Almost all of us have gone through an era where the fact that YouTube videos cannot be downloaded unless you have registered on the site would frustrate us and make us look for alternatives? Well, most of you would be able to relate to this fact. But, as technology kept growing, so did the option on internet.

KeepVid Android YouTube Video Downloader App

KeepVid Android Video Downloader App

When people began to realize that there was a gap with regards to viewing videos on YouTube and being able to download them, several options came up, but the best out of the lot survived.

One of the best was Keepvid, where you could happily download videos from YouTube. It is basically a video convertor which allows you to download videos for free. When technology penetrated further, and multiple operating software’s came up – KeepVid improvised itself and came up with mobile apps too. One was KeepVid for Android and another version for all the apple users with iOS software.

All those people who have used Android and KeepVid have all been either happy or dissatisfied customer, the clientele for the first being majority. KeepVid Android Review TERMS have been on the rise as more and more people have begun to give positive reviews about this.

1) How does KeepVid work on Android?

KeepVid Android App Review

KeepVid is an online website that provides conversion of YouTube videos into MP4 or MP3, that too free of cost. Isn’t it amazing? How does this work? As simple as any other app –

  • Download the app on your Android phone
  • Copy and paste the link of any and all YouTube videos here
  • Select the type of download – MP3, MP4 or any other supported format
  • Wait for few seconds till the video begins to download
  • Use the same app to share with friends on supported social media sites or screen cast it directly

2) Key features of KeepVid Android

1) Download YouTube to MP3: This app allows you to download any kind of video from YouTube with two major benefits – one being free of cost and the other is that the videos are all HD enabled.

Download YouTube to MP3

2) Share to download the video:  Before or after download, you can share it with your friends or you can choose to have a direct screen cast in the middle of your party.

3) Copy the link to download the video: The process is simple. All you have to do is copy the link and paste it in the URL bar in this app and that’s it.

4) Built-in Web Browser and Search Video Directly – Yes, you have read it absolutely right. Now forget the hassle of going to YouTube, selecting the video, copying the link and pasting it here. You can now directly search for videos here using the in built web browser in the KeepVid Android app.

5) Download playlist – Have a playlist on YouTube and wish you could download it all? Thank KeepVid later, because right now you should hop on the android YouTube video downloader and simply download your entire play list to be all set for the night.

Download playlist MP4, MP3

3) KeepVid Android App Reviews

People all over the globe have begun to use this app and have loved it so far. In fact, this app has been a big hit for iOS as well, but since Android users are in majority in India, this has been a big hit in the country. People love the part that this app is a single solution to all their music problems.

More than the app being able to provide multiple solutions, people have loved the fact that the app is seamlessly fast. The app is the one stop solution to live streaming at fast speed or even downloading videos to MP4 or MP3.

The app has certain expert versions too including the KeepVid Pro Video Downloader and KeepVid Music. They have their own specialty like the pro downloader allows you to download videos at lightning speed while the music feature allows you to live stream. You can also download Facebook videos and DailyMotion videos from this amazing KeepVid video downloader app.

Final Word

Be it any song, in any format, KeepVid Android is the solution. Become the party’s most happening DJ by having all songs live streamed or downloaded in all formats in your smartphones. 🙂

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