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Have you ever been caught in an instance when you wanted to save a video that you are currently watching online? As a movie buff who likes to re-review movie scenes or an ardent follower of a band of singers who want to play the music videos on a repeat mode, or an eager mother wishing to save several informative and learning videos for her child, every online visitor to a video channel is eager to save such videos for a repeated use.

KeepVid Pro Review: Download and Stream Videos Online

KeepVid Pro Ultimate Video Downloader

Do not worry for there is a solution to your needs – KeepVid Pro. KeepVid Pro supports download; record online videos etc. and offers many a list of features that is surely going to floor you.

Let’s take a deep dive at what KeepVid Pro package is about and what KeepVid Pro offers.

1) About KeepVid Pro

An amazing software package that is a single stop solution to users who are facing tough times with managing videos, music files and relevant downloads, KeepVid Pro supports download, record online videos etc.

One can stream their videos from any of the video channels and record the played formats of them on their web browser. Here comes a question whether KeepVid Pro is compatible for multiple platforms.

KeepVid Pro Desktop Software

  • KeepVid Pro is available for Windows and for Mac platforms.
  • Besides KeepVid Pro that is exclusive for downloads and recording online videos, KeepVid Music revolutionizes the music library for its ability to save online music to your hand held devices such as iPhone, Android mobiles.
  • It is well known to everyone now that KeepVid Pro supports download, record online videos etc. But did you also know that it can help you convert pre-recorded video to any formats that is expected of the end user like mp3, mp4, etc.

2) KeepVid Pro features

Knowing that KeepVid pro supports Windows and Mac platforms and also several hand held devices through its package for music doesn’t limit ourselves to know various other features of the product, isn’t it? So why stop with the list that we just saw, here comes the avalanche effect!

  • KeepVid Pro records or captures videos from online streaming sites such as Vimeo, Netflix, etc. So don’t worry about missing your favorite shows on TV. Those TV shows are just a button click away with KeepVid Pro on your laptop/ mobile.
  • KeepVid Pro facilitates the conversion of a specific format of videos to another playable/ compatible format so as to play the video of your choice on various multimedia devices. Did you know that your videos can be converted to more than 150 types/ formats of videos? Whoa! You heard us right!
  • KeepVid Pro supports download, record online videos etc. and also lets you transfer the downloaded & recorded content to a device of your choice – your android mobile, iPads and iPhones. More so, while the transfer is underway, the conversion to a format that is likely playable on the device is also possible. A two way benefit for all KeepVid Pro users.

KeepVid Pro Software features

  • If you are worried of multitasking of searching for video content on your video channel and then performing the download separately on a download software, KeepVid Pro comes handy and as a remedy. The integrating feature of KeepVid Pro let you to plug in the package on to your browser so that search and downloading online from your video channel is a single process and is no longer shuttling between applications.
  • Schedule the downloads per your convenience with KeepVid Pro – decide on when the video capturing should stop so as to attend to your other tasks rather than waiting for it to stream till the finish point.
  • KeepVid Pro supports download, record online videos etc. of very high definition quality – you can now enjoy viewing 4K, HD videos at any time.
  • KeepVid Pro also downloads a complete set of videos from your playlist or from a specific category of videos. Download the subtitles to your videos from YouTube and enjoy your cross cultural video content.

3 Methods to Download Videos

  • KeepVid Pro can record your screen (especially in cases of webinars, conferences) and can assist you replay them as videos.

Download KeepVid Pro Now

So, what’s stopping you from expanding your collection of videos! Try KeepVid Pro and enjoy its well acclaimed features. 🙂

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