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Why Local Indian VPS Server Preferable For Every ISVs India

With aspiring entrepreneurs and recent start-ups, India is witnessing a growing number of SME’s and middle-level enterprises. To be successful in this competitive environment, its mandatory for your business to have an online presence.

Indian VPS Server

CEO’s of top IT companies like Microsoft and Google are from India. India is a land of innovative minds and so with VPS hosting in India, you can be rest assured that you will get the best professional and technological help here.

VPS server hosting in India has its own advantages wither respect to cost, reliability, efficiency and flexibility.

Let us see some of the major facts about VPS:

1] What is VPS?

VPS is the acronym for Virtual private servers. It is a virtual machine that is sold as a service to businesses who require the internet hosting services to host their dedicated websites. In terms of functionality, the VPS is equivalent to a physical server. The VPS can be easily configured and are much lower in price as compared to the dedicated servers.

Suitable for small and medium enterprises, virtual private servers deliver greater flexibility and efficiency than the shared hosting. Being cost effective, the businesses need not have to deal with the complexity of managing outsourced hardware.

2] How does a VPS work?

The hosting provider of VPS relies on Hypervisor (i.e. virtualization software), in order to abstract the resources on a physical server and thus provide the customers with access to virtual servers. Customers can access the operating system but not the physical servers and they get limited access to a part of the server’s storage and memory resources.

VPS can be referred to as the building with multiple tenants residing and sharing the same building with different flats. Thus, they are logically private, with no disturbance in your private space but not physically separate.

3] Benefits of VPS

The main benefits of VPS are:

  • Without any administrator interference, the subscriber gets the full access to the operating system of the Virtual private server.
  • With the dedicated access, the subscriber can configure the VPS to meet their requirements.
  • The subscriber can run databases and specialized applications for activities like blogging and eCommerce.
  • Can even host additional services like a mail server or a File Transfer Protocol FTP.
  • The subscriber can host multiple websites.
  • Good for optimal usage and thus has an optimal cost.

Why the independent software vendors (ISV) of India should consider the Indian VPS?

Selecting the right website hosting server location is the foremost decision a business should take. The right server location impacts the latency rate (lower the latency, the faster your website loads).

Now the question is why does the server location really matters?

1] Speedy access

Speedy access

The location of your hosting depends upon the location of your target customers. If your customer base is in India, then it is advisable to buy hosting from one of the best hosting service providers of India.

Greater the distance between your website server and the customer base the longer will be the response time of your website.

The longer the response time of your webpage will lead to drastic cut-down in customer visits, which would ultimately impact your product or service conversion rate. With Indian VPS server, you get the local server advantage of fast connectivity. The proximity of servers ensures blazing speed thus offering amazing web experience.

2] Lowest Price

If your customer base is in India, then hosting your website on nearby location would cost you less. The overall hosting cost decreases due to a larger market and lower operation cost. Compared to other countries, web hosting in India are cheaper.

3] Flexibility

VPS hosting service providers offer a great flexibility to subscribers in India. You get the provision to pay only for what you use. The servers are easily scalable. No matter, if your website is experiencing an increase in visitors, the VPS can be upgraded within no time while assuring zero downtime.

4] Secure access

When the VPS server is within the location range you can expect secured access as you can communicate with your service providers 24/7 easily. You also need to keep a note that you receive below security support.

  • You can make sure that your VPS hosting has a firewall running all the time as it prevents malicious software and hackers attacking your applications. VPS also helps you filter the information with certain setting done by the local VPS hosting service provider.
  • If some attack has occurred and your hosting service provider is based locally, they can quickly block the IP thus securing your critical applications and software from any malicious attack.
  • An old OS can be easily targeted. Hence the service provider should be able to provide you with the latest patches and updates.
  • For remote connections make sure you enable SSL/TLS encryption on the database ports that would protect your client/server communication against the risk of interception.
  • Ask your service provider to apply IDS (intrusion detection system) to save your applications and software from an unwanted threat.

There are many other ways of securing your VPS servers from threats like enabling virus protection solution, removing unwanted protocols, setting a secure password for your user account and many more.

5] Qualified Local Indian support

Qualified Local Indian support

While working on the VPS server the user should have some basic knowledge so that he/she can understand the product and know how to manage it in an appropriate manner.  Local technical support will help you to clarify your queries in your local language.

You get timely and instant assistance when any issue occurs. To get instant and satisfactory technical support for server configuration, backup restoration, OS installation, advanced firewall security provision, server security, database optimization and many more you get a prompt reply from the local Indian VPS hosting service provider.

6] More Privacy

Virtual Private servers involve sharing the physical server with multiple users. Many users fear that any vulnerable attack from other users may compromise their servers.

VPS servers maintain great individual privacy through the software called as the Hypervisor. This software very efficiently controls the hardware and individual communications. The process of managing also includes scheduling the various VPS using the CPU resources.

VPS ensures that only some of the VPS’s control processes very securely are able to read and write from it. VPS relies on the software configuration it runs and so its security level more or less is equivalent to a dedicated server.

Now that you know all the benefits of hosting your VPS server in India, you must give it a serious thought. For every Independent Software Vendor from India, using local VPS is more beneficial than opting for the one sitting on foreign land.

American hosting may be fast but distance plays an important role in speed and you must consider it thoroughly.

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