Is MA Education Equivalent to M.Ed.?

Indian universities (both government and private) may offer one or both of the subsequent degrees at the master’s level: MA in Education and M.Ed. The question here arises is that why are there two degrees being offered in the same field i.e. education?

Difference Between an MA & an M.Ed in Education?

The Difference Between an MA in Education & an M.Ed in Education

Let us try to throw some light on this question. Even though both degrees are offered at the master’s level and completed after the completion of an undergraduate degree, each degree serves a different purpose.

People who pursue a M.Ed. degree are generally working as teachers who wish to advance their career and move up the pay scale as it is a professional degree. School teachers sometimes complete M.Ed. to become an expert or consultant, or in to move into school administration, such as a vice-principal position.  In a nutshell, M.Ed. is generally considered a practical degree designed to enhance the professional practice of working teachers.

On the other hand, many people who choose to pursue an MA in Education may not be practicing teachers, but they are people with an interest in educational studies.

People who complete an MA in education may carry out research on topics like the commercialization of education: benefits and hazards and so on. Upon completion of MA in education, candidates may find work in the non-profit sector, with a government agency, or opt to continue their studies in education by completing a doctorate of philosophy in education.

We will give an overview of MA in Education and M.Ed. courses one by one which would give further clarity to an aspirant between both the courses.

Let’s Discuss MA in Education First

1) Job prospects after MA in Education:

There are plenty of opportunities for M.A Education pass outs. One can work with the government as well as the private sector. One can also choose the higher study options that include M.Phil. Ph.D. MBA etc. There are many recruitment exams and competitive exam that the MA education holders can opt for having a career. The average salary ranges from Rs.15000 to Rs.20000 per month. It will differ according to the sector and industry.

2) Eligibility Criteria for MA in Education:

The applicants should have a Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized university or college. Some of the colleges or universities conduct admissions on the basis of merit.

Some renowned college in India offering MA Education:

  • Allahabad University
  • University of Pune
  • Aligarh Muslim University
  • Banasthali University
  • University of Lucknow
  • IGNOU – Indira Gandhi National Open University.
  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences.
  • Tripura University
  • University of Calcutta
  • University of Kashmir
  • University of Rajasthan
  • West Bengal State University.
  • University of Jammu

Now comes the turn of M.ED

3) Job prospects after M.Ed.

Jobs are available in private and government schools for M.Ed. holders. Employment areas can be coaching centers, education consultancies, education department etc. One can become an education consultant, home tutor, principal, school teacher, vice principal.

The aspirants get good payments in the government schools. The remuneration starts from Rs. 15000 onwards plus perks. After 3 or 4 years of experience, they can earn more than that. In the private sector, the candidates can get a salary between Rs. 20000 and Rs.40000 per month.

4) Eligibility Criteria for M.Ed.

The applicants should have a B.Ed. degree from a recognized university or college. Those who have done integrated B.Ed. the program can also apply for the post-graduation program. Some institutes are demanding at least 50% marks for the admission.

Some renowned college in India offering M.Ed.

  • Himachal Pradesh University.
  • Punjabi University
  • University of Kalyani
  • Shivaji University
  • University of Mumbai
  • St. Xavier’s College of Education.
  • University of Calcutta
  • University of Pune
  • The University of Delhi, Department of Education.
  • University of Jammu.

MA vs M.ED. in Education

Our View – MA vs M.ED. in Education

From the above findings, we get to a conclusion that MA in Education and M.Ed. have different curriculum and syllabus. This is because the objective of both courses is different. Job prospects after M.Ed. may be a bit high as compared to MA in Education as one can get a teaching job soon after M.Ed.

This is a major reason why this course is popular. But if you have a long-term aim to become a subject matter expert in a particular area of education then MA in Education can also get you a job in a government or private firm.

MA in Education primarily helps to meet the growing demand of experts in the fields of education planning, teaching, and training at the primary, secondary and tertiary level of education. New and emerging fields of educational administration and management also require the services of MA in Education graduates.

The analysis is very clear regarding prospects of both the courses. As a student one has to decide what he/she is aspiring for? If the aim is to do a professional course in order to start a career and move up the ladder in terms of pay then M. Ed. is what one should go for.

On the other hand, if a person has an inclination towards deep research and further studies in the area of “education “as a subject then MA in Education is the course. Hence, we conclude by stating that both courses are equivalent being master courses but MA in education is an academic course and M.Ed. is a professional course. 🙂

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