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How to Make Money Blogging (Ultimate Guide)

Steps to Setting Up A Blog That Makes Money

While it may seem complicated to start, it’s not as difficult as you may think to generate an income from blogging. If you’ve already got a blog started, there are a number of ways that you can make money of your blog. Which tactics you choose will largely depend on your blog, your niche market, and your overall goals and objectives.

Best Ways to Make Money Blogging for Beginners

How to Make Money From Blogging

Choose Your Method of Income

There are a few different avenues you can choose to make money on your blog, and you’re free to use as many or as little as you want. Depending on your business and what you offer, you might want to use one method or you may want to use all of them.

In general, there are five main ways your blog can generate an income: advertising, affiliate marketing, digital products, physical products, and services.

Let’s break them down:


Digital spaces have multiple ways of advertising that work very similar to traditional marketing, which is getting your name out to a wide audience and convincing them of your worth. It’s no different in digital, you just need slightly different strategies for various platforms.

The general principle is the same; sell ad space on your site. You can try to do this directly depending on your business, and it can be worked out in a range of different ways. Simply put, your selling other people’s right to sell to your audience. Always be careful and strategic when doing this to get best results.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing

A much simpler method of marketing is affiliate marketing. It uses the same general tactic because you use space on your page to market for others to your audience.

However, affiliate marketing is easier to set up, because you are marketing as a third party rather than directly for the company. You provide information, reviews, and anything else you want to help drive sales of another company or service. In turn, you get paid for a portion of the sale if anyone purchases after being referred to by you.

Because of this, it’s easier to start and practice freely, but it’s much harder to perfect and apply effectively. If you’re looking for advice and support, with a suite of digital marketing services.

Products and Services

Another way to make money using your blog is to use it as a platform to make actual sales, which can include products you have or services you can offer. These can include both physical and digital products; don’t limit yourself. If you’re selling physical products, you’ll probably need to have more work, since it will involve delivery and the like.

Instead, selling digital services can help ensure that you don’t have overhead or stock to wait on. Instead, you can sell a digital product that can be downloaded or installed, such as an app, a plugin, or any other upgrade. You can also use these platforms to sell services that you have to offer, which can be a great way of drawing in an income.

Whatever it is you offer to your users through your blog, consider offering your expertise, skills, and experience to them as well, getting them interested. 🙂

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