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Make Your House Look Straight Out Of A Magazine With These Brilliant Tips

Everyone wants to live in a house that is warm and welcoming, yet resembles the pages of a high end interior decor magazine. Creating a space that is personal to you while ensuring it remains sleek and suave can be easily done with just a few tweaks here and there.

Envision how you want your house to look and start planning how to execute all the changes. Make your house look fabulous and magazine-esque with these low cost, time efficient tips. These will give your house an update that will make it look newer, fresher and more upscale.

House Look Straight Out Of A Magazine

Begin with a neutral color palette

Most high end homes that we see have neutral shades working their magic. These tones feel calm and classic, they make the space look bigger, don’t cost a bomb and are fairly easy to maintain.

You can bring style into your home by repainting the ‘expensive to replace’ things like floors, upholstery and other fixtures. Make your bedroom drawers look brand new by giving them a fresh coat of paint or switch out their handles for a shinier and sleek look.

Add Floor Length Curtains

High ceilings are the first and most striking features of expensive and well put together homes. You can create this illusion by choosing curtains that go all the way to the floor and raising the window frame right upto the ceiling. Just ensure that the curtains don’t touch the floor and leave an inch or two for cleaning and maintenance.

Update Old Benches

If you have old wooden benches in your house that look visibly battered, switch them out for ottomans or refurbish them. A fresh coat of paint and polish will make them look brand new and you can reinforce the seat by adding more structure to it.

Place these benches in the foyer as they will serve the purpose of making your entryway look bigger and they won’t be used as much while looking pretty.

Use Tiles To Transform Your Space

Tiles are beautiful and timeless. They look good in almost every space and deliver a lot on the style quotient without much expense. To spruce up your bathroom or kitchen, just change the tiling and you can achieve a stunning look. Choosing simple white or beige tiles will match with your neutral theme and give the house a cohesive look.

Incorporate Molding

A little bit of molding in the right places will give your house a lot of depth and dimension and won’t cost you much. Molding can be done on plain wooden panels or walls.

Adding molding to the edges will make the room look bigger and more symmetrical as well. You can use molding to highlight the areas of your house that you want to draw attention to, like an art wall or the back of a headboard in the bedroom.

Put The Finishing Touches

Another thing that expensive apartments have is a similar finish throughout the house and furniture. Replace mismatched accent pieces with something complementary and maintain a similar finish of wood and paint throughout the house.

These small changes will change the look and feel of your house tremendously, without costing any time or money.

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