12 Best Marietta Personal Injury Lawyers & Law Firms

Over 60,000 Georgians reside in Marietta, along with a sizable number of tourists each year. A number of lovely public parks, an art gallery, and other attractions can be found in the city.

The majority of victims are confused about how to handle the financial responsibilities that come along with a personal injury. Some sufferers may feel helpless due to mounting medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs.

Reach out to the knowledgeable legal professionals at the Morgan & Morgan company if you or someone you love has experienced a personal injury in Marietta. Our Georgia injury lawyers have successfully represented clients in a variety of issues for many years.

Glenda Mitchell Law Firm

In Cartersville, the Atlanta metropolitan area, and throughout Georgia and South Carolina, Glenda Mitchell Law Firm offers knowledgeable assistance for car accidents and other personal injury claims. They can assist you in your quest for financial recompense for your injuries, regardless of whether you fell on a store’s slick floor or were rear-ended in a collision.

Glenda Mitchell has dedicated her whole legal career to representing harmed parties. She is aware of how upsetting these kinds of mishaps may be to your life and health, as well as how disorienting they can be.

Van Sant Law

Your life may be drastically and permanently affected by accidental injury. You could have to pay expensive medical expenses. You might have to take some time off of work to recover. While nothing can repair irreparable damage, this legal company might be able to assist you safeguard your financial future. At Van Sant Law, they recognize that you could be suffering and uncertain of what to do next. To ensure that their clients receive full recompense for their injuries, they fight nonstop. Trial lawyer David M. Van Sant, who serves as their principal, has received national recognition.

Gunn Law Group

Your physical, emotional, and financial well-being may be negatively impacted by unexpected incidents. Negligent behavior might result in catastrophic injuries that necessitate extensive medical attention.

Fortunately, you can seek financial compensation through a legal claim with the aid of an Atlanta personal injury attorney. Their committed attorneys at the Gunn Law Group are passionate about defending the rights of wounded people. Contact their firm if you were harmed as a result of someone else’s negligence so that they can hold the guilty party responsible.

Sarah Cornejo Law, LLC

Their specialized legal team, where each of their attorneys provides exceptional representation in their area of expertise, is one of Sarah Cornejo Law, LLC’s strengths. They work by paying close attention to every case’s specifics. Each lawyer has specific expertise in the area of law in which they practice. Their attorneys work together because customers frequently require assistance in multiple legal fields. This implies that you can acquire excellent representation for all of your demands without having to look for a different law company and begin the process all over again for each unique legal situation. For your benefit, our multidisciplinary attorneys collaborate to get the best outcomes.

Olson Law Firm

Nobody expects you to handle your legal obligations by yourself. In fact, most individuals will suggest that you consult a lawyer. This is due to the fact that the legal framework for resolving disputes calls for specialized knowledge and expertise. Depending on the particulars and context of your situation, Georgia legislation apply vary differently. Improper application can have serious legal repercussions; in the worst scenarios, it could result in your rights and entitlements being severely depreciated or even completely denied. The Olson Law Firm offers the assistance you require if you or a loved one has injury-related issues or if you require effective business law guidance.

Bayuk Pratt, LLC

At Bayuk Pratt, they set themselves apart from other personal injury law firms in Atlanta.  Frank and Bradley were senior partners at two of the biggest and most prestigious defense law firms in the world before starting their business.  They received the best legal training, and only the wealthiest corporations could hire them to represent them in the most serious cases involving personal injury and business lawsuits.  They were professionals in defending cases and attempting to avoid being held accountable, so they understand exactly how defendants do it.

Jonathan R. Brockman, P.C.

Did an accident cause you any injuries? Was it brought on by the careless conduct of another person or company? In such a case, get in touch with Jonathan R. Brockman, P.C. so that they may go over your alternatives for holding that person accountable. You shouldn’t have to bear the costs of someone else’s bad behavior.

Nobody in Cumming, Georgia deserves to suffer harm as a result of someone else’s carelessness or negligence. Because of this, you have legal remedies at your disposal to require the party at fault to make good on their losses. They at Jonathan R. Brockman, P.C. are accustomed to pursuing the just recompense for our clients.

Brian Cunha

Associate Brian Cunha specializes in workers’ compensation. Following his commendable graduation from Georgia State University College of Law, he joined Slappey & Sadd in 2011. Brian was a member of the Moot Court Team’s executive board while a student at Georgia State. Brian graduated with honors from Kennesaw State University with a degree in political science with a specialization in legal studies before starting law school.

After serving as a clerk for an insurance defense company that specialized in fighting workers’ compensation claims, Brian decided to concentrate on developing his skills while assisting those in need.

Jay Sadd

In Atlanta, Georgia, Slappey & Sadd LLC was founded by Jay Sadd. With more than 30 years of experience practicing law, Mr. Sadd is committed to helping those who have suffered serious injuries and the families of those who have lost loved ones as a result of the carelessness or wrongdoing of others. In addition to several other private settlements, Mr. Sadd served as lead counsel in cases in which his client was awarded or recouped $22,000,000, $18,000,000, $17,000,000, and $10,250,000. These high-damage lawsuits frequently originate from auto accidents, truck accidents, negligence in the medical field, dangerous premises, and similar events.

Mr. Robert Neal Katz

Robert Katz graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.B.A. and a Juris Doctor (Cum Laude). Before going into private practice and creating Katz Personal Injury Lawyers in 1994, he served as a law clerk for the Georgia Court of Appeals and the Superior Court of DeKalb County. At this firm, he focuses on defending people in personal injury lawsuits.

Casey W. Stevens

While attending Georgia State College of Law, Casey W. Stevens maintained a full-time job in the insurance claims management industry. Attorney Stevens joined a sizable Atlanta insurance defense company after graduating in 1998. He established his own plaintiff’s firm in 2001 to advocate for the injured. Mr. Stevens has handled numerous personal injury cases that have netted his client’s settlements totaling millions of dollars.

Darl Champion

They are a Marietta, Georgia, personal injury litigation practice that approaches personal injuries personally. Every person who enters the building deserves to be treated with the respect and consideration that our Marietta injury lawyers would want for themselves.

The best result will always be pursued by our injury attorneys. You will have an experienced personal injury lawyer by your side every step of the way if you require aid following getting harmed in a car accident, truck accident, dog bite incident, medical malpractice case, wrongful death case, or other injury matter.

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