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Is An MBA From Germany A Popular Option As Compared To Other Countries?

Though an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) guarantees success in a professional career, pursuing it can lead to debt many a time. Thus, Germany is an attraction for students worldwide as it offers a high standard of education at relatively low or no cost.

With highly experienced faculties and cutting-edge academic curriculum, Germany’s B-schools are gaining popularity globally. The Germany International Student Statistics 2020 suggests that Germany is home to more than 4,00,000 international students.

MBA in Germany

A safe and friendly environment is another important reason behind the large number of international students in Germany.

If you are an MBA aspirant, we will let you know why you should prefer studying an MBA course in Germany. Students will also learn about the requirements to study MBA in Germany.

Why MBA in Germany?

Germany has a thriving economy, progressive culture and a good job market, presenting a golden opportunity for MBA graduates to learn and grow.

With world-class infrastructure, latest technology, abolishment of tuition fees and seasoned tutors,at least five business schools of Germany fall under the list of top 40 B-schools in the world, the QS Global MBA rankings 2020 reveals. These universities prepare students to take leadership responsibilities through an advanced academic curriculum.

Students studying MBA in Germany also develop innovative approaches to problem-solving. They are also taught to communicate effectively with team members and brainstorm strategies.

The ambitious professionals also learn to manage activities, operations and engaging effectively with stakeholders. The course also increases aspirant’s employability and helps them in moving up the career ladder. The MBA programme in Germany could be the right fit for aspirants aiming for holistic development.

Apart from these features, the quality of education, wide range of programmes, hands-on experience during the course and post-work visa provides an upper hand to students to study in Germany.

Since Germany is home to several top national and multinational companies, MBA graduates can stay in Germany for up to 18 months to find a job related to their programme. Notably, they can even apply for a visa extension to work in Germany on a residence permit.

What are the requirements to study MBA in Germany?

Students who are willing to study MBA in Germany must be of 21 years or above. Apart from the mandatory age criteria, students must hold a strong undergraduate degree from a recognised university.

However, relevant experience will also work if a student does not have the required academic qualification.Studying an MBA programme in Germany requires at least three years of experience in management.

Students are also required to prove their proficiency in the English language by scoring a minimum score of 6.0 in IELTS. A minimum score of 50 or equivalent in PTE will also fulfil the English language requirement.

Apart from top B-schools and a wide range of specialisations in the MBA programmes, Germany has numerous features that make it a popular option as compared to other nations. So, apply for an MBA course in Germany today!

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