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6 Must-Go Items for Your Guest Washroom

Do you remember the last time you visited a friend’s place? Was your experience good enough? Well if you don’t one your guests to go unsatisfied from your place, better get hold of all the important items for your guest washroom.

When your guests come, they must feel like they are in their own washroom or an even better washroom than their own.

Things Your Guest Bathroom Needs

Guest Bathroom Essentials

Give your guests a warm and inviting welcome by having these 6 must-have items in their washroom.


What if your guests drop-in unexpectedly! Keeping a stack of new, fresh towels is a good practice. Refrain from presenting them with old, threadbare towels. In case they are old, make sure they are spotless.

Nobody likes to use a worn-out one. Get hold of something luxurious and soft. For instance, you can get towels of Turkish cotton. They are best in quality.

Don’t provide only hand towels. Your guest might want to take a bath. Hence, remember to keep both hand and bath towels. Stack them neatly in a pile and leave it on a shelf or in a cupboard in the washroom.

Bathrobes and Slippers

Provide your guests with a soft, plush bathrobe and a pair of matching slippers to go with it. Remember to install hooks for hanging the robe, clothes, and caps. Hooks are very handy in cases when you have modest storage space.

This way your guests can enjoy their bathroom visit even more. They would no longer have to worry about where to keep their belongings while using the washroom.

Washroom Necessities

Have you ever gone to someone’s place and missed your toothpaste at home? Yes, it’s quite a common experience. Keep all the important toiletries in your guest washroom to make them feel comfortable in case they forget anything.

Toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, moisturizer, cotton balls, ear swabs, and nail clippers are a must. Don’t hesitate in including anything else you might find important.

Now’s the time you can make use of all the toiletries you have collected from various hotels over the years. You can prepare a small kit using a fabric pouch and tie it with a fancy ribbon. Take some help from your kids in doing this. This small act will make your guests feel even more welcoming.

Comfortable Floor Mat

Give your guest washroom a welcoming aura by adding a comfortable floor mat. This is a simple and low-cost way of enhancing your washroom’s style. Instead of a boring, old bath mat, a cool, colorful, soft floor mat with a plush would be better.

Make sure the mat is made up of non-slip microfiber. You surely won’t want your guests to hurt their heads. The microfiber dries fast. This means you don’t have to worry about it being smelly and moldy. If you can get hold of a mat that matches your bathroom then it would be more appealing.

Flowers and air-fresheners

Installing a fresh bouquet of flowers in the washroom just before the guests arrive while make them feel special. White and pastels are the evergreen choice though you can dare with more popping colors.

Also, an unused washroom can become smelly and musty. Air the room before your guests arrives, to avoid this. Keep some air fresheners in the washroom so that your guests are not cramped with bad smell.

You can further decorate the washroom with aroma candles. Don’t forget to provide a matchbox or a lighter along with the candles.

Hand Sanitizer

Keeping a hand sanitizer in your guest washroom is among the most important things. Your guest might like to clean up a bit every time they visit the washroom just to brush up their hair or simply take a look at their outfit. Buy hand sanitizers online and give your guest washroom a complete touch.

Now that you know what are the must-haves, try to make your guests visit as comfortable and inviting as possible. You surely wouldn’t want them to go back and talk ill about you and your hospitality.

It may seem like there are too many items to get hold of. But believe me, once you have assembled these items there’s almost zero-effort in setting up the washroom and transforming it to guest-friendly.

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