4 Must-Try Romantic Activities In Melbourne

Australia is one of the top travel destinations in the world. Having various states and cities, this huge country offers plenty of great things to all travelers from across the globe. You will definitely enjoy exploring The Land Down Under and have a memorable vacation with your loved ones.

Best Romantic Things To Do In Melbourne

Ideas for romantic dates in Melbourne

When going to Australia never miss the lovely city of Melbourne. It is the capital city of Victoria, which is a great romantic destination for lovers. There won’t be any dull moments when you are here, so be sure to add this city to your travel itinerary.

To help you roam around conveniently and worry-free, don’t forget to look for DriveNow car hire in Melbourne. Car rental services like them make your vacation easy. You can book online or look for rental companies in the Airport. Just be sure to drive safely to avoid accidents during your vacation.

Now you have secured your transport, what should you and your special someone do? How about these four romantic activities around Melbourne:

1) Cruise along Yarra River

Head to Yarra River and check out Venice on the Yarra for an unforgettable cruise of a lifetime. You and your partner will surely have a romantic date while riding in a gondola and witnessing the beauty of the river. The Venetian style gondolas have velvet seating, soft plush interiors, warm blankets, and can accommodate four persons. Definitely, it is a unique experience that you will both treasure.

2) Take flight through Melbourne Star Observation Wheel

Level up your relationship to new heights by taking flight through Melbourne Star Observation Wheel. It is one of the most iconic attractions in Melbourne that is also a perfect romantic spot in the city. As you ride this giant Ferris wheel, you will get to see the spectacular 360-degree views of Melbourne as well as appreciate its lush gardens and finest architecture. One rotation lasts for about 30 minutes and it has 21 spacious cabins.

3) Stroll along St. Kilda Pier and Breakwater

St Kilda Pier Sunrise

For an ultimate seaside experience, walk along St. Kilda Pier and Breakwater. With its panoramic views of Port Phillip Bay and the Melbourne skyline, you and your other half will have a peaceful and meaningful time together. Nothing truly beats a relaxing day with your partner in a lovely setting like this spot.

4) Explore Hardware Lane

Check out the wide laneway tucked between Queen Street and Elizabeth Street. Hardware Lane is another great place for romantic dates. If you are looking for a various range of restaurants and cafes, then this is the perfect one to visit. Enjoy an outstanding urban dining experience with your partner and savor the good times.

Hardware Lane - Street in the City of Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne is undeniably one of the ideal romantic destinations in the world. With these interesting activities mentioned above, you will have a one-of-a-kind adventure with your partner. Be sure to include these to your itinerary and discover a lot of beautiful things to do in Melbourne.

Make the most out of your time together, for not every day you get to experience this. You deserve to travel together from time to time, so have the best moments of your lives and enjoy each other’s company.

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