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8 Offbeat Email Marketing Strategies To Implement In 2023

Every day, around 319.6 billion emails are sent. By the end of 2025, this amount is predicted to exceed 376.4 billion daily emails. But with the growing numbers, email marketing tactics have evolved. What worked five years ago doesn’t work anymore, and the same applies to the future.

Email marketing is, in fact, the go-to marketing medium for both the top market marketers and the new entrants.

Offbeat Email Marketing Strategies

The only difference we feel as an email marketing agency is a fact that email marketing strategies are evolving faster than ever before. This could be due to the technical innovations by ESPs and greater internet penetration combined with participation from an increasing number of brands.

This has led to a situation where innovating your email marketing strategy looks like a dead end. But one thing is for sure: There’s a lot more to email marketing than segmentation and customization. Today, we will discuss eight offbeat email marketing strategies that can make 2023 your best year ever.

How Can Email Marketing Benefit Your Business

Marketers swear by email for a reason: it provides the best return on investment of any marketing medium, especially when done correctly. Yet, rather than following a more considered path of action, many of us choose what appears to be quick and simple.

Even the biggest names will tell you that immediate satisfaction isn’t always the greatest method to win over your audience. In the long run, this may frequently cost you more time and money. There are best practices of email marketing that everyone is aware of nowadays. But people always want more.

They want things to be different. Grabbing people’s attention in the first look of your email is the prime focus. You grab their attention by providing them with something different and something fun. If you want to reach more audiences, then an email scraping tool like Klean Leads is best. With this, you can definitely convert more leads.

8 Not-So-Mainstream Strategies For Better Email Marketing

The email will become your most significant channel if you implement these email marketing methods! Let’s get started.

Use Hyper Personalized Gift Coupons

In-mail gift cards are one of the most underutilized marketing tools in today’s date. But we are not only suggesting you leverage gift coupons frequently, we want you to go one step ahead with it and provide a hyper-personalized customer experience through these cards.

For instance, if a customer regularly buys a product from your website and you haven’t been successful in upselling him a more premium item, the chances are that the price range is beyond their spending budget.

In this case, you can send them a gift coupon that allows the customer to buy the products from the higher segments at a discounted price, making such purchases accessible.

These types of email gift cards will find enormous appreciation as it helps fulfill your subscribers’ aspirations, thus strengthening brand loyalty. This may also help you improve your overall email metrics but what matters the most is the overall change in your customer’s outlook and the subsequent personal connect they develop with your brand.

Such hyper-personalization efforts can be triggered with the help of user activity, spending habits, and segmentation on the basis of affinities displayed by similar users. Here’s an example of using personalization for in mail gift coupons from Uber.

Create Dynamic Subscriber Segments Based On Spending Habits

Rather than repeatedly developing new segments, dynamic segmentation allows you to automate the process based on triggers, email metrics, and your sales strategy.

It’s all about targeting subscribers based on their activity and amount of involvement. This includes complex segmentation criteria like customer lifetime value, buyer personas, and propensity models.

When creating a dynamic subscriber segment, your focus should shift from individual customer journeys to buyer journeys for different products. For instance, you can identify the set of activities, spending habits, demographics, and so on for a group of customers buying a certain product.

You can map them as the parameters and include the targeted subscribers in a mailing list that caters to the buyers of the concerned products. Thus, dynamic listing ensures that your subscribers always get to see relevant emails no matter how quickly they change their preferences.

Use Interactivity In Newsletters

An interactive email newsletter contains material that better engages audiences. One of the most appealing aspects of interactive email marketing is that it necessitates client interaction to deliver a message more holistically. This ensures that they will be involved in marketing, which will assist enhance brand loyalty even further.

Embedding videos in emails is one of the most popular ways to engage clients more effectively. Including GIFs in your email newsletter is one of the most entertaining ways to make it interactive. You can take it to the next level by using features like Hamburger menus and app-like navigation to make the newsletter more appealing.

While this is technically possible (of course, you might need email development wizards) but tactics like these can put you in the limelight in no time.

Try Building App-Like In Mail User Experience

As we just discussed in the above points, curating an app-like user experience in your emails can be a game-changer. This is due to the fact that despite functionalities like menu buttons, navigation, and API-based integration, we haven’t witnessed a large-scale adoption by the marketer community.

In fact, every email marketing agency may have proposed doing so at least once, but the concerns regarding technical support from email clients keep us away from harnessing the already present functionalities.

What we would rather suggest is to start tipping your toes into this myriad of functionalities, their permutations, and combinations. Going one step at a time will help you analyze the features that go well with the email clients of your subscribers, and you can definitely expand their usage as popular mailbox providers continue to improve support.

Create Email Automation Workflows Based On Evolving Preferences

The secret sauce that makes lead nurturing programs so efficient and effective is marketing automation processes. Don’t even think about letting those hot leads cool down for a second.

Set up an internal procedure that tells your sales team when a contact in your database becomes a “hot lead”-that is when their activities bring them to a score that you’ve judged “hot,” or ready to speak with sales.

To create email automation based on people’s preferences, it is necessary to identify what level of target audience fit (job, business size) they are and their engagement (content downloads, email opens).

Email automation has always been campaign centric with user behavior being the second priority. Just changing this order can give you a whole new customer-centric brand persona.

Use Guerrilla Marketing Tactics For List Building

When you’ve chosen how to include guerrilla marketing into your email marketing plan, you’ll need to try out numerous ways, just as you would with any new methodology. You can use guerrilla marketing for both list building and for enticing your subscribers with curiosity regarding your upcoming offerings or sales promotions.

This can be considered as something that has been done since the advent of email marketing but never explored in its full glory. You may go on to interweave it with other elements of your email marketing strategy but make sure to make it obvious that you are creating hype.

Curate Personalized Emails Based On Engagement Rates For Remotely Similar Subscribers

Another email marketing strategy that we would like to share with our readers is to leverage personalization insights from remotely similar subscribers. This can be especially rewarding for brands that have a huge list of products.

Their buyers might not be able to browse through all of their offerings or try them out, which is quite understandable, but this strategy helps businesses skew off a little bit from their segmentation game for better results.

However, you may need to invest more time in monitoring its analytics and review the automation workflows from time to time. This is due to the fact that deviating from your sales objectives is very easy. Keep your basics strong, and make it a point to review the analytics reports for implementing this strategy.

Combine In Mail Gift Coupons With Cross-Selling-Based Product Bundling

Like in the first piece of advice, we recommend you combine gift coupons with another popular email marketing strategy: cross-selling. The idea is simple: Collaborate with a brand that isn’t your direct competitor but has customers interested in your products.

Run a cross-selling exercise where both of you feature each other’s brands with special discount coupons. But the twist here is to offer only bundled products.

This strategy can be extremely beneficial if your products have mutual user cases. In most cases, both your respective customer bases would be already using alternatives available in the market. Still, such exercises can provide you with a huge boost almost on an instant basis.

Wrap Up

All of these strategies may seem offbeat, but they should have been implemented long ago in a sense. It is quite possible that our fellow marketers might have leveraged a few of them in one form or the other, but it is necessary to lay down full emphasis on them before you can get the actual results. We hope that these eight email marketing strategies will help you win big in 2023 and beyond!

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