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On-Trend Bachelor Party Activities To Try This Year

When you think of bachelor parties, you immediately think of The Hangover. While ‘what happens on tour, stays on tour’; sometimes the groom-to-be would like to come home with his dignity still intact!

Bachelor Party Activities Ideas

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These days, a bachelor party doesn’t have to involve drinking until the early hours, seeing strippers and living with the regret the next day. So instead of planning the traditional bachelor party, why not try some of these trendy bachelor party activities instead?

Here are some suggestions for on-trend bachelor party activities to surprise the groom-to-be.

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1) Artisan beer tasting

While millennial grooms might not want to end up being sick on the street corner during their bachelor party, that doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy a drink. Craft and artisan beer is the hipster trend that won’t go away, so why not treat the beer enthusiastic groom to a fun and sophisticated tasting?

To save money, you could even try hosting a beer tasting in your own home by bringing in different types of beer from all over the world to sample together and enjoy.

2) Breakout rooms

Breakout rooms are fast becoming one of the most popular group activities. There are different times types of Escape Room experience that you can try, including classics such as a jungle escape and even murder mysteries. Working together to solve the clues, you’ll be given an hour to try and break out and escape the room.

Escape Rooms

This is a fun way for you all to challenge each other and establish who has the smarts and who would get left behind in a real-life situation. Just make sure that you don’t leave the groom behind!

3) Test your survival skills

Ever wonder if you could survive a night in the wild? Now is your chance to find out! A survival experience can be a fun way for all your friends to get together and see you who is the fittest once and for all! As one last way to celebrate the groom before he embarks on his new grown-up life, this is one way to find out if he has what it takes to survive a marriage!

Get out into the country and see if you could survive a night in the wild. Perhaps after this, Vegas won’t seem like such a bad idea after all!

4) Go racing

Does the groom-to-be have a passion for cars? If he’s always wanted to drive a celebrity-style car, then why not let him try a real-life fast car experience? Get the competitive spirit going by starting your engines and seeing who has what it takes to win the race.

While you should probably let the groom win, you know that once you get behind that wheel, you can guarantee that the competitive spirit will take over!

A fun weekend of activities makes for a great bachelor party that the groom will remember forever. Plan the perfect bachelor party by thinking of some alternative ideas and giving your friend the send-off he deserves.

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