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Top 10 Online Writing Resources for Bloggers

For students, “can you do my homework for me” is a common question, and finding a professional that can help out is not that difficult. But blogging is a different ball game. As a blogger, you have to be creative and show great knowledge in your niche to outsmart your competitors.

Online Writing Resources for Bloggers

Successful bloggers are always on the lookout for resources and programs that can better their writing and quality of content. That is why their blogs command higher authority and respect from Google and visitors. In this post, we will look at top 10 online writing resources every blogger must know and use.

1) Readability Test Tools

Nowadays, people do not spend much time to read blog posts. They only scan through for a couple of seconds and leave once they find the information they want. That said the readability of your blog posts matters. It could make visitors develop more interest to continue reading.

Most visitors read at a 7th-grade level, and college freshmen are in this category. What this means is that if your contents appear to be too technical, your audience or visitors may have a hard time understanding.

The Readability Test Tool is a great tool that can help you determine the readability of your content and make the necessary adjustments. Improve readability and quality of your content will also improve.

2) Grammarly

As a blogger, you have to ensure that all your contents are error-free. This means you have to use the right tenses, grammar, and word choice. Errors can reduce the quality of your blog posts. So make sure you edit your posts ruthlessly before uploading, using manual and online resources.

Grammarly is one of the top online writing resources used for editing texts. This online tool provides suggestions that can help improve your writing, and spot errors like word choice, grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and writing style.

There is a free and paid version, but you will have access to more features on a premium or paid version. Grammarly is a popular tool used by many top writing and companies like Assignment Geek is not left behind. So even though you are good with editing your paper manually, this online tool can help you spot undetected errors.

4) Google Analytics

Let’s say you have created contents for your blog and done the necessary thing a blogger would do, which is to promote them on social media and other marketing channels you are familiar with. The next thing would be to find out the results of your effort and performance of the contents. That is what every serious-minded blogger would do.

Google Analytics is an online resource designed to help bloggers determine the performance of their contents and website as a whole. This tool might be a bit advanced for beginners, but there are resources one can read to have a better understanding of how to use it.

4) Copyscape

Even if you can edit manual and do without online editing tool, plagiarism is something you cannot determine manually. You need to make sure that your contents are always unique because you can get penalized for uploading plagiarised contents.

Copyscape help to check the uniqueness or originality of texts. This tool will make your blogging journey smoother and prevent you from being penalized by Google.

5) Hemingway

Hemingway is a free writing tool that analyzes texts and helps you determine readability score of the entire content. Sentences that are a bit dense or complex are highlighted for you to make the necessary corrections. Overall, this tool will help to improve your posts’ readability.

top 10 online writing resources

6) Desk

The Desk app is an app you can download and install on your device, but the operating system has to be Mac. With this app, you write from your desktop with ease, then connect directly to any publishing platform; WordPress, Facebook, Blogger, and Tumblr.

7) Wordcounter

Creating blog posts with less or no fluff will make them look more professional. People get tired and may discontinue reading when they discover too many fluffs in the content. It indicates that the writer is just trying to make up the word count instead of adding value to the post.

However, while reading through texts to weed out fluffs can be a bit daunting, online editing tools like Wordcounter has made it even simpler. Use this tool to figure out overused words in your posts.

8) FocusWriter

The Focus Writer is a feature rich and easy to use Word Processor that allows users to write without distractions. You can install on Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems. The interface appears when you want, and disappears whenever you are ready to write. With the Focus Writer, you can also set writing goals and focus more on your writing.

9) Scrivener

Scrivener is an online tool that helps writers to publish their books and used by a good number of bloggers and writers on daily basis. You can use it to create your outlines, organize your writing and flesh out your story.

10) Google Scholar

Backing your posts with links to scholarly articles makes your work look more professional and informative. This gives your audience the chance to read further to increase their understanding of the topic.

Using the Google Scholar, you will be able to search through thousands of sources such as books, theses, court opinions and articles you can link to or read to get more knowledge. Students can use this online resource or find professionals that provide online assignment help.


Writing blog posts and articles have never been this easier. Now, there are tons of writing resources that makes blogging less of a challenge to bloggers.

The most important thing is picking the right online tool from the numerous options available. In this post, you will find online tools for editing, writing and those that can make your content unique.

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