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How Parental Control for Cell Phones can be Single Parent’s Savior

Parental Control for Cell Phones: I’m a busy single dad of two teen girls. Their mother passed away two year ago but it wasn’t this difficult at that time to deal with the girls as today. They stepped in to their preteen and I’m pushed in to an awkward situation. I had been so worried about their whereabouts and it was completely screwing me up. Then my sis Kate suggested me that it’s better to use parental control for cell phones rather than taking such mental distress.

Parental Control for Cell Phones

Single fatherhood is a challenge in itself

I tried hard to know what I must fix. How exactly they will feel comfortable to share issues with me? And how I should protect them from threats out there? When I tried to talk about dating, they directly refused to listen and I got a comment that it was not my job. Then I realized how important it was to use a smart approach to deal with the adventurous and demanding teens these days. Helping them through the transition from being a kid to an adolescent was my biggest emotional challenge and this was where I missed their mom the most. Keeping an eye on their whereabouts was no easy job.

A smart solution to my stress

After Kate’s suggestion I used an app Family Time and they accepted to activate it on their phones.

May be it was an attempt by them to get rid of my questions about their whereabouts, but no matter what they thought the app really helped me. It has three very interesting functions within its GPS tracking feature. Let’s have a look at them:

Parental Control for Cell Phones

Parental Control for Cell Phones


This feature lets you add certain places to Watch list and get alerts when they enter or leave those places.

Virtual mapping:

You can track their current location any time with the virtual map and can also have complete history of where they have been over a period of time.

Auto Check-ins and Check-outs:

Get automatic alerts when your children reach or leave particular places or locations.

Panic alerts:

Any time, if your kids feel danger, they can send you panic alerts and you can trace their current location.
Be a proud single dad

We all need some kind of support in our life and I never thought that a digital app can make my fatherhood easier. I enjoyed using Family Time to keep an eye on my girls’ whereabouts and being relaxed. I would suggest to all of the parents, especially single parents to use parental control for cell phones and meet their parental challenges.

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