5 Perks of Using RushMyEssay.Com

When a student decides to order a paper from an online agency, he usually faces a dilemma: “which service should I hire?” The right answer demands a lot of research and a healthy dose of experimenting. The best part is that students can avoid the trial and error part of the quest by reading online reviews. For this review, we will evaluate one of the most popular custom-writing services in this industry:

Perks of Using RushMyEssay.Com



Let’s see what benefits you can get when you rely on this agency.

1. Top Level of Quality

This is the first matter of interest for any student who’s about to place an order at a particular website: “what quality will I get?” Fortunately, RushMyEssay is one of the agencies students can trust. The writing team of this company is consisted of experienced, talented academic writers who hold Master’s or PhD degrees.

If an applicant does not hold a graduate degree or doesn’t go through the company’s testing, he is not accepted into the writing team of this service. Once a student submits the order, the company delegates it to a writer with appropriate skills and expertise. The writer is not the only person responsible for the quality level of the content. all orders are being checked by a department that makes sure they meet the standards of the service, as well as the requirements of the customers. This aspect gives RushMyEssay a great advantage over other services.

2. Fair Prices

When students decide to order papers online, they should look for something more than low quotes per page; they need to pick a company with a fair pricing system. This means that you need to read the terms and conditions section to make sure there will be no hidden costs and additional charges to your order. RushMyEssay stays true to the principles of honesty and transparency. It does not impose any extra fees to the final price you receive prior to the order’s placement.

As for the quotes per page, they are pretty reasonable. The prices for essays start from $19.99 per page (for Standard Quality combined with the 10-day deadline) and go up to $52.99 per page (for Premium Quality with a deadline of 3 days).

All customers get a discount. The code you can use of the first order gives you 22% off the final price, and then you’ll start getting 5%, 10% and 15% off for the future projects, depending on the cumulative number of pages you order.

3. Direct Collaboration with the Writer

Many custom-writing services promise to connect you with the author of your project as soon as you submit the order. However, the writers usually remain passive and they simply ignore your messages. That’s not the case when students choose RushMyEssay. The direct messaging system is very effective and the writers are always willing to collaborate.

You can contact the writer to receive information about the progress of your paper, or you can ask him to include some of your own ideas in the discussion. The collaborative nature of this service results with papers that convey the student’s individuality and style of expression. Thus, the professor won’t recognize any difference between this paper and the content the student has submitted before.

4. 100% Plagiarism-Free Results

The content provided by the authors of this service is always custom-tailored and completely unique. The term custom-tailored means that the paper should be written from scratch, and its writer should follow all instructions of the customer. That’s exactly what RushMyEssay promises to its customer. Luckily, the writers manage to deliver such results every single time.

This is not a website that sells pre-written content. When the customer submits an order, the company delegates it to a writer who has a relevant base of knowledge to cover the subject. Then, the writer starts the research and writing process from zero point. The company guarantees to deliver plagiarism-free content with a proper list of citations that references all sources used to support the discussion.

5. Free Revisions

If there is any part of the content the customer doesn’t like, RushMyEssay guarantees to revise it upon request. The main policy of this company is to provide ultimate satisfaction to every single customer, so it makes sure to polish out any flaws the student discovers in the content.

Thus, you shouldn’t hold back to ask for amendments if you think your paper could turn out better with them. Remember: as long as your requirements are in accordance with the instructions you initially submitted, your writer will fix the issues ASAP.

Overview: RushMyEssay Is a Company Students Can Trust

In addition to the 5 perks listed above, students get many other benefits when they hire this service. For example, they get access to a 24/7 customer support system via live chat, email, and US toll free number. The agents always do their best to make sure the customers get convenient, effective service at the website. The list of services is very versatile, so you can order any type of paper your professor asks for.

All in all, RushMyEssay is a reliable, legitimate online writing service that meets the needs of its customers. 🙂

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