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6 Plumbing Fixes You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

While trying to save money, most homeowners would simply try to fix plumbing issues by themselves thanks to the huge availability of DIY plumbing step-by-step procedures on the Internet today. In fact, the DIY swing has taken the United States by storm and has actually resulted in numerous injuries.

Quick and Easy Plumbing Fixes

While other plumbing tasks can easily be accomplished all by yourself, others such as fixing gas pipes require professional training and expertise to be safely and correctly done. Below are five plumbing fixes that you should never DIY, but rather call in a professional.

Gas Line Repair

One of the most dangerous plumbing repair jobs to DIY is repairing a gas line. A gas leak can quickly escalate into a deadly fire resulting in burns, destruction of property, and even death. Inhalation of the gas leaks is also dangerous for your health.

Once you detect a gas leak, it’s advisable to switch off the central gas supply unit as well as the main electricity supply and vacate your home immediately. You should then call in a professional plumber to undertake the repair.

Gas leaks are extremely dangerous, and therefore the repairs need to be conducted comprehensively and carefully, preferably by a professional plumber.

Sewer Repair

Attempting to repair a sewer line on your own is also quite dangerous and demanding. Accessing sewer lines sometimes require heavy digging as well as heavy equipment which you may not know how to handle or operate.

Additionally, some states such as Minnesota have illegalized digging without seeking permission due to a possibility of damaging underground infrastructures such as gas, electricity, and sewage utility lines.

Sewer repairs need to be conducted correctly as they can result in sewage backups when erroneously done. It’s therefore essential to call professional help when attempting to repair sewer lines.

Pipe Replacement

Pipe replacement is common DIY plumbing fixes but sometimes are incorrectly done resulting in leaks which end up damaging the house. Most people may fail to understand the right size, shape, and width of pipes, therefore, end up choosing the wrong types of pipes leading to a mismatch.

A professional plumber has an in-depth understanding of pipes and will choose an ideal pipe that would provide the best result at the lowest cost. They will also minimize wastages and ensure that the replacement is functioning well.

Water Heater Installation

Unlike other easy installation such as installing clothes washer, water heater installation is quite complicated and requires specialized fitting for the gas line as they operate on natural gas. Incorrect installation can, therefore, result in hazardous gas leaks.

Additionally, an imprecise installation can lead to leakages of hot water and steam, which results in the growth of molds and consequent damage of your house. It’s therefore advisable to contact a professional plumber to undertake the installation.

Dishwasher Installation

Installing a dishwasher involves precise plumbing between cabinets and underneath counters which you may not be able to achieve by yourself. It may be challenging to ensure that the water supply, as well as the drainage line, are precisely done to avoid kinks in the water lines.

Dishwasher Installation

Poorly done installations results to leaks, clogging, and even drain-water backups or overflowing. You, therefore, should seek the services of a professional plumber every time you want to install a new dishwasher.

Rerouting pipes.

Rerouting pipes is a common plumbing undertaking, especially when you are putting up an extension to your house and would like to install a new toilet or an entire bathroom.

Rerouting pipes require extensive undertakings including installing new water intakes, new water lines, new drains as well a new lateral connection which you may really don’t know how to go about it.

Also, a lot can optimally go wrong, and you may have to start re-arranging the pipes due to leakages, mainline breaks, or connections that lead to nowhere. This is not only time consuming but also costly. It’s therefore advisable to contact a plumber to reroute your pipes saving you time and money professionally.

To conclude, some plumbing tasks such as replacing the garbage disposal or installing a new faucet can easily be done as long as you have the right tool and follow step-by-step instructions.

Garbage disposal sets are often easy to remove too. These systems are very convenient additions to the kitchen. They let you grind and wash away food scraps without needing to pick them out of the sink by hand. BestOfMachinery has a list of the best garbage disposal systems if yours is up for replacement.

Other plumbing jobs such as the one discussed above are dangerous and require professional expertise or training to ensure that they are correctly done. Next time you have a plumbing job, you may want to contact Plumbing Force and get your fixes professionally done, saving you time and money.

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