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PPC & Google Adwords: The Latest Marketing Arsenals

Marketing comes second to R&D in any organisation. This is so because even a good product requires customers to sell. Consumers become aware of any product only via marketing – whether advertised or word-of-mouth publicity. Since times are changing, it makes sense to adapt to the environment.

PPC & Google Adwords


Internet is involved in playing a crucial role in the ways businesses run these days. Hence, ways of marketing too have evolved from the traditional print campaigns to digital ones.

Most popular digital marketing techniques include SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), PPC (Pay Per Click) and Google Adwords.

What Makes PPC & Google Adwords the Preferred Tools for Digital Marketing?

While search engines like Yahoo! Google and Bing are one of the best ways to look for stuff, advertising on such platforms can garner instant attention from users.

Google Adwords and PPC offer a great advertising platform with immense advantages over other marketing techniques, both online and offline ones. A lot of effort and time is needed for both SEO and SEM, which also add to the popularity of PPC and Google Adwords.

The Ads that you see on the top right side of the page of any search engine like Google or Bing are PPC. Your product or service needs an advertisement with appropriate keywords that cause the ad to pop up on the search engine result page (SERP) when similar keywords are searched for.

Displaying a PPC ad does not cost anything. It is only when a viewer clicks on the ad that advertisers are charged for the same. Google Adwords is one of the most popular program (accounting for almost 90%) for PPC ads. Since Google is one of the most preferred search engines, it makes sense to use Adwords to create PPC ads.

Ads do not appear randomly on the SERP. The entire process takes place through bidding, where people mention the maximum amount of money they are willing to pay for a click to land customers to their website.

Adwords to create PPC ads


Google Adwords compares the bids to other advertisers with same keywords. The ad with the maximum bid displays uppermost in the search results. The rules are pretty clear, you won’t be charged more than you bid. You can also set a daily limit so that you don’t end up paying more than you can afford.

Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

Compared to traditional methods like advertising in print media or radio, you are able to save a huge amount of money as well increase your clientele by choosing PPC advertisements. Google Adwords helps show your ads to people who matter, since the search is keyword generated.

Moreover, you won’t be paying a dime unless people click on your ad to reach your website’s homepage, unlike conventional advertising techniques where money changes hands before even the advertisement appears in the media. Other advantages of using this technique include.

  • You can easily track all information related to your advertising (like number of clicks, their cost, most profitable keyword etc.) very easily. Conversion tracking is also possible where you can track the conversion of clicks to buyers.
  • Compared to SEO, PPC is relatively cheaper and requires relatively lesser time to garner hits on your website. Moreover, SEO requires time to help make your website climb high on search engine rankings, whereas with PPC, you can get traffic to your website within 24 hours of approval of your ad.

Working with Google Adwords is easy. You can try AdWords management agencies like PPC Pro to ‘Explode Your Leads’, ‘More ROI’, and ‘Decreased Costs’.  Determine your budget for the PPC campaign and choose wisely within the budget to get maximum returns.

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