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Reasons Why You Need A Mechanical Keyboard

The world has seen several changes in the field of technology over the past years. Each thing out there is getting upgraded dynamically, and so are the computer parts. The keyboard also upgraded like other things.

Mechanical Keyboards – Reasons Why You Should Buy One

Mechanical Keyboard

Nowadays, we hear about mechanical keyboards a lot. If you are using a keyboard every day of your life, it is worthy of investing.

The mechanical keyboards come with endless features, and there are several reasons behind choosing it.

1] The switches

Switches are considered to be the heart of a mechanical keyboard. It can be said that these switches are the reason why people are purchasing a mechanical keyboard. Under each key, these switches are there, that determines the key’s sound when it is pressed.

There are mainly three types of switches- linear, clicky and tactile. Linear switches maintain the smoothness of key pressing, clicky switches give audible feedback when clicked, the tactile gives you a silent “bump’ on being clicked.

The housing, stem and the spring makes a keyboard switch complete. The housing holds the spring and stem together, the stem gives you the feel, and the spring determines how hard you need to press.

2] Available in multiple layouts

The mechanical keyboards come in various layouts and sizes. The spaces are little between the clusters in a full-sized keyboard.

A TenKeyLess keyboard is the same as a full-sized keyboard but comes with no number pad. You may check the products’ review at for better understanding of the keyboard layouts available in the market.

A 60% keyboard comes without the number pad and infrequently used keys. Again, a 65% keyboard does not possess the function row. Split keyboards are built based on ergonomics and take care of the muscle strain of the user.

A 40% keyboard is like a 65% keyboard, but the number row is eliminated. A 30% keyboard only has the 3 rows of the keys. For the code users, 1 percent keyboard can also be a great choice.

3] Typing speed

If you compare it to a rubber dome, the mechanical keyboard will allow you to type much faster. As per the built quality of the rubber dome, it needs to be pressed with more significant force to put your keystrokes.

On the contrary, if you are a mechanical keyboard user, you don’t need to put much force, and every time, you will not need to bottom out. The clicky and tactile switches come with some additional features.

They provide feedback while you press a key, that it is registered. Heavier switches are also available for the hard typists, which a rubber dome can never provide or replicate.

4] Fewer errors

The types of a keyboard can help you to avoid typing errors. Fewer typos take place, because of the anti-ghosting feature, N-Key Rollover and the designs of the switches.

In case of a rubber dome, when you press a key, it immediately sends a signal based on its location. As the keyboard may always not know which key you have pressed, it often sends a wrong signal; even if you didn’t press. This phenomenon is known as ghosting.

The mechanical keyboard comes with the anti-ghosting feature, as it sends a signal to the device for each key. As you don’t need to button out in the mechanical keyboard, it avoids the typos.

The n-key rollover lets you press a certain number of keys together simultaneously. It is especially good for gamers.

5] Portability

The best thing about a mechanical keyboard is that they are portable. The smaller layouts and sizes make it easy to carry from one place to another.

You may use a custom case to carry it, but it is not essential. It can easily fit into a laptop bag. Most of the mechanical keyboard comes with an easy-detachable macro or micro USB cable.

You can leave one cord at your home and the other at your place so that you don’t need to carry it every time. If the cord stops working, you can simply use a new one, without changing the mechanical keyboard. Stylish USB cables can also be used for a better appeal.

6] Unlimited customizability

There are endless customizations that you can perform while using a mechanical keyboard. The appeal of the keyboard is mainly because of the keycaps.

You can pop them out with a keycap puller, and can choose keycaps according to your requirement. You can switch the stock USB cable with a better, or other fancy ones. And you can personalize your keyboard by combining the parts of different switches to form a new one.

“Hot swapping” is a feature that comes with few keyboards, which allows you to pop different switches in and out of your keyboard without any soldering.


As the keyboards come with multiple benefits, you need to understand, for which purpose are you using it. The requirements vary from user to user.

Moreover, there are other features like macros, programmable features, ergonomics, the lighting, and durability makes it a complete package.

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