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Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Wide Format Printer

For a long time, businesses have worked with standard printers. Majorly, these printers have played a significant role in availing copies making information sharing easy. However, due to advancement in technology, wide format printers have come in, and they offer a number of benefits for users.

They have a wide range of applications in different industries such as construction, marketing and advertising, home design, entertainment, and more.

Wide Format Printer

Businesses that have embraced wide format printing have reaped a variety of benefits that include.

1] Speedy Production

As opposed to a standard printer, a wide format printer offers a higher speed. For instance, a wide format printer can produce 15 high-quality posters in an hour. Therefore, if your firm needs a lot of materials printed quickly, then you’ll greatly benefit from a wide format printer.

Additionally, a wide format printer can print out materials continuously for a long time, and has a longer lifespan than the regular desk printer.

2] Distinguishing Images and Texts

While the standard printer cannot differentiate between a text and an image, the wide format printer does this perfectly well. As a result, the printer produces copies that are very clear as there is no mix up of graphic images and the text in a page.

3] High-Quality Images

Images play a very important role in memorization, and this explains their importance in marketing. Therefore, it’s important to create clear, high-quality images that are memorable.

High-Quality Images


The wide format printers use advanced droplet technology that creates vivid, high-quality images that make your business stand out from the rest. Therefore, you can be able to create more engaging materials for your clients and consumers.

4] Reduced Cost on Outsourcing

Printing some images and texts requires that you use wide format printing. However, this is relatively expensive when you are outsourcing. For this reason, a firm that has its own wide format printer will not incur the cost of outsourcing.

Today, many businesses require banners and flyers that cannot be printed using standard printers. Having an in-house wide format printer is, therefore, a great way to slash cost for your business. Moreover, you won’t have to spend the extra time or resources required for outsourcing printing jobs.

5] Flexibility in Functions

The wide format printer handles a wide variety of printing jobs, unlike the regular desk printer. It can handle banners, posters, and graphics for a trade show or even simple paper documents.

You can also do branded clothing, murals, signs, and floor graphics.Therefore, if your business can afford the printer, consider all your printing needs catered for as you will not outsource any service related to printing.

A wide format printer is a great investment for all the businesses that want to enjoy higher speeds, accuracy, convenience, and reduced costs, among other benefits. This will greatly boost your production and help your business stand out.

Consider shopping for one today to enjoy the benefits. To find the affordable 11×17 printer or any other wide format printer, do some research first to find one that fits your needs.

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