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3 Reasons You Should Always Use a Laptop Stand

A laptop stand can optimize your desk posture and allow more air flow in your laptop’s cooling system. Learn about the many reasons to use a laptop stand here.

Are you suffering from back pain?

Laptop Stand

You’re not alone. 80% of people have back complaints at some point in their lives.

The influx of desk jobs hasn’t done much to help the back pain sufferers of the world. In this world of technology and office-centric work, more people are sitting for longer than ever before.

To prevent sitting-related injuries, it’s essential to get your desk ergonomics right. Your office posture can play a big part in preventing injuries, so one of the best places you can start is by investing in a laptop stand.

We’re about to reveal five reasons why you need to add a stand to your office desk accessories today.

Laptop Stand 101

If you have a perfectly fine office desk, why should you also need to invest in more laptop accessories?

Office desks are designed for use with desktop computers. When you’re using a laptop at an office desk, you run the risk of hurting your neck, back, wrists, and even your device itself.

Laptops are portable and convenient. But when it comes to ergonomics, they leave a lot to be desired. Enter the laptop stand. When you buy a stand for laptops, you’re taking the first step to ergonomic wellness in the workplace. These are meant to be used at your desk and will raise your laptop to an eye- and back-friendly level.

Let’s take an in-depth look at a few benefits of a laptop stand.

1] It Promotes Good Posture

If you work at your desk for eight hours a day, your posture is critical in preventing injuries. A laptop stand will raise your device to an ergonomically correct height.

The top of your monitor should be at eye level for optimal posture, where you’re not looking down at your screen but directly at it. In this position, your neck will not be under any strain.

2] It’s Easier on Your Eyes

Having your laptop screen at the same height as your eyes will help to reduce device-related eye strain. A study from 2015 showed that 65% of Americans have symptoms of eye strain due to the amount of time they spend on their devices.

This eyestrain has become known as Computer Vision Syndrome and can cause some uncomfortable symptoms like blurred or double vision, headaches, and dry, red eyes.

An ergonomic set-up will allow you several different adjustability settings so you can choose one that works best for you.

3] It Acts as a Cooling System

Laptops are powerful computing devices, but they have one inherent flaw. Their electronic components are on the bottom. When you have your device sitting on a desk all day, they are prone to overheating. Many modern laptop stands come with integrated cooling systems to keep things running as they should.

Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands

Your laptop gear can make a difference in how you feel while you’re at work. The right laptop stand will help to alleviate back pain and eyestrain, making your eight hours at work much more comfortable.

Are you still searching for ways to make your workspace more pleasant? Be sure to read our blog on how to make your home office more functional and comfortable.

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