Safest Ways to Deposit Money At Online Casinos

So, you’re ready to play slots and poker at online casinos? Welcome aboard-the iGaming industry is growing rapidly. And it’s constantly welcoming new customers.

Gambling online is incredibly convenient. You can bet on slots with a small budget and even earn bonuses to increase your bankroll. But there’s one problem. How do you deposit money to your online casino account safely?

Ways to Deposit Money At Online Casinos

Credit/Debit Cards

In this age of cashless payments, nearly every adult has a credit/debit card. In the online casino sector, you can use either credit or debit card, especially if it comes from a major networks like Visa, MasterCard or Discover.


Visa is the most popular credit/debit card issuer in the world. It uses chip technology to secure your personal data. What’s more, it uses artificial intelligence to detect suspicious activities involving your account. Additional security measures include Visa secure, and liability protection.

Why use Visa for casino deposits? Besides security, Visa is accepted at nearly every gambling website. What’s more, you can deposit free of charge at most casinos-payments ranging $1 to $10,000.


MasterCard is Visa’s biggest competitor. It’s available in all parts of the world and online. As a result, it’s a popular Visa alternative. Similar to its biggest competitor, MasterCard uses chip and pin technology to secure your personal data.

On the other hand, it has a real-time fraud detection technology designed to protect you from fraud. Other security measures include zero liability in case of card theft and a unique card verification code that helps verify your card.


Discover is one of the top card networks in the US. As a result, it’s increasingly popular among online casinos in North America. Beware, though, you might find trouble finding a Discover casino in the rest of the world.

Digital Wallets

If you shop online regularly, you’ve had the option to pay using a digital wallet like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal or EcoPayz. E-wallets provide a safe, fast and cheap way to pay money to online merchants like online casinos.


Skrill was one of the first e-wallets to support payments to gambling sites. This cemented its reputation as a safe way to deposit and withdraw money from online casinos.

Today, you can use Skrill at hundreds of online casinos. The e-wallet secures your data through SSL encryption, passwords and firewalls. What’s more, it’s a registered and regulated operator.

That said, find a Skrill casino with bonuses. It’s easier said than done: not every Skrill operator gives out welcome offers. Yet, bonuses come in handy when you want to increase your bankroll.


Available in 200+ countries and more than 20 languages, no digital wallet comes close to PayPal in popularity. Is it safe? Put simply, PayPal is a safe payment method for online casinos.

Like Skrill, PayPal uses a string of security measures to keep you safe. First, it encrypts your data through HTTPs. Next, it has a data privacy system known as One Touch. This technology helps you create accounts at multiple casinos without revealing sensitive personal information.

Then there’s PayPal’s chargebacks. If you deposit money to a scam casino, you can ask PayPal for a refund.

Google/Apple Pay

Google and Apple are constantly expanding their ventures. Nowadays, they both have payment apps you can use to deposit money to online casinos safely. Google works on both android and iOS devices, giving it an edge over PayPal’s frontline e-wallet.


Paysafe is one of the biggest digital wallets in the UK. Not only does it provide safe payments to online casinos, but it also owns Neteller and Skrill. Both Neteller and Skrill use the same advanced security measures Paysafe utilizes to keep your personal information secure.

Bank Transfer

Also known as wire transfer, bank transfer involves deducting money from your bank account and depositing it to the recipient’s bank account. It’s a safe way to transfer small and large sums of cash.

Should you use wire transfer for online casino deposits? Not so quick-wire transfer has its time and place. But it shouldn’t be your first option when depositing money to a casino.

Think about it. Your bank probably has a $5 to $20 fee for all payments. Then there’s the issue of speed-it takes up to five days. Bank transfer is great for casino withdrawals, though, especially large transactions.


If you’re a high roller with more than $10,000 to gamble online, crypto might be your safest payment option. You see, most e-wallets and credit cards limit you at transferring $10,000.

As mentioned, wire transfer takes time and costs a little bit too much. With crypto, you can transfer up to $1 billion for less than $5. It’s true-crypto is dirt cheap, more so, altcoins designed for the specific purposes of transferring money cheaply.

That said, most casinos support major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. These coins are popular. But they might have miners’ fees on the higher end of the crypto payment spectrum.

In case you’re wondering, crypto uses cryptography to secure the addresses you need to authorize payments. However, you might need a safe wallet to protect these addresses from unauthorized users out there.

Electronic Checks

Checks are making a comeback in the online casino space. But there’s a difference between today’s checks and those used in the early 2000s. Two decades ago, you could send a casino to a check as a deposit method.

Today, checks are electronic. They are safe, fast and convenient. What’s more, you can earn a bonus for depositing money through an e-Check.


There’s an array of safe payment options for online casinos. It all depends on what you want. If you like crypto find a Bitcoin or Ethereum casino. If you believe e-wallets are more convenient, find a casino that supports PayPal, Skrill or Google Pay.

However, look beyond security measures. Learn about a payment option’s reputation, fees, limits and mobile-support. Importantly, find out whether you can earn a bonus for using a specific payment provider.

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