Second Hand Bikes Vs New Bikes: Overview, What To Choose & Why

Every bike owner wonders whether he should invest in a new bike or buy an old one from the second-hand market. The choice may vary as per one’s personal preference and opinion. However, most people recommend second-hand purchases if a bike is available in good condition.

Yes, the emergence of the online market has influenced people to purchase used bikes in Bangalore. The increasing demand for two-wheelers has also been a major contributing factor to this trend. So, how can a buyer decide which one to choose? Let us consider a few facts and logical reasons to form an opinion about this matter.

New Bike Vs Second Hand Bike

There is no doubt that the price of a vehicle acts as a determining factor for a buyer to choose an old bike over a new one. Although this aspect plays a crucial role, many other elements come into play. If a buyer wishes to make a wise decision about his purchase, he must consider all the determining facts carefully.

The transparency that the second-hand markets offer has become the primary reason behind the increase in the sales of used bikes in Bangalore. Here are a few things that every buyer must know about this shift in preferences showcased by the new-age buyers.

Bike riding is a passion for most bike owners while some use the vehicle for convenience purposes.

Buying An Old Bike Over A New One: Know What To Choose

People often follow their instincts or personal preferences while buying a vehicle. Although the process is justified, one must analyse his option carefully. Here are a few factors that may help one make the most redeeming decision.

Compare The Value For Money

A buyer must consider how much value of money he can make by buying a second-hand vehicle over a new one. If an old bike is available in good condition, why should one pay an extra sum to purchase the new model?

Calculate The Insurance Cost

The insurance cost of a new bike is much higher than that of an old one. A buyer has to purchase an insurance cover for his new vehicle, whereas he can just renew the existing cover available with the old bike.

Consider The On-Road Price

The on-road price of a vehicle differs from its showroom price because of road taxes and other formalities. There is no such expense associated with an old bike as the seller provides the existing documents in proper condition. Therefore, one does not have to pay this sum while buying used bikes in Bangalore.

Choose From An Array of Sellers

The second-hand market has evolved and grown in recent times. Buyers can look forward to online portals offering old bikes in good condition with all the valid documents.

Hence, a buyer can go through the available options, enjoy the benefits of online purchases, and acquire ownership of his favourite bike at a reasonable amount.

Analyse Pros & Cons of The Purchase

Apart from these facts, a buyer must consider the pros and cons of his purchase keeping his personal interests in mind.

Reasons To Buy An Old Bike In Bangalore

If a buyer considers all the aspects of a second-hand purchase, he would be able to figure out many reasons to give it a go! Some of the major reasons are:

Low Cost of Purchase

Although it is the most primary concern of every buyer, the cost of old bikes is quite lower than their brand new counterparts. So, a buyer who cannot afford the new model of his favourite bike within his budget constraint can opt for an old one!

The mileage of a second-hand bike does not deteriorate much if refurbished properly.

Lower Insurance Premium

The insurance premiums of used bikes in Bangalore is lower than that of the new ones. Since the market valuation and depreciation rate affects the cost of premiums, one has to pay a lower amount for old bikes. Therefore, a buyer can save some money on his monthly or yearly expenses by paying a low insurance premium.

Reduced Depreciation Value

The depreciation value of an old bike reduces at a lower rate as compared to that of a new bike. Therefore, a new bike loses its market valuation faster than a second-hand bike. So, when a buyer wants to sell his used bike, he will not have to bear a vast difference. He can redeem his expenses to a great extent!

Flexibility To Resale

With the online market booming with options, a second-hand bike owner can easily sell his bike online. Many websites accept the sale of bikes that were purchased from their portal. So, one can use the bike for a few months or a year and then sell it again.

Online Offers

The second-hand market is active online with numerous options and exciting features. Buyers can reap the benefits of purchasing used bikes online by availing themselves of all these features and benefits.

Suggestions On Choosing The Best Old Bike

As we get a clear picture of how purchasing used bikes in Bangalore is more profitable in the long run, we also need to know the most reliable source of purchase. Here are a few expert tips that a buyer can utilize while buying second-hand bikes.

  • Buy the bike from a reliable online portal. Yes, many websites are hosting second-hand sales for used bikes. A buyer must choose the most secure option of all!
  • Compare the prices of the bike on all portals to pick the best one out!
  • Do not believe rumours or myths surrounding the concept of buying second-hand sales. Just be careful about the source of purchase to ensure a profitable deal.
  • Select the website that is offering additional services and rewards on the purchase to reap the value of money spent.

These days, most people prefer used bikes in Bangalore over new ones for all these valid reasons that yield them passive benefits. As a wise buyer, one must think of these facts as they constitute a large part of the market. After all, the value of money is not calculated in numbers!

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