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The first question that gets to your mind when you start blogging is “What blogging platform do I choose?”, Well, good question. We’ll help you out with the answer! Choosing a blogging platform is one of the hardest steps you take as you have to keep a good look on the features your blogging service of choice provides before starting to share your talent through it.

Free Best Blogging Platforms

Often bloggers tell me that they don’t like their blogging platform anymore and want to shift but they can’t which is a bummer. Well, in case you’re going to start a blog we’ll help you select the right sort of blogging platform to get you going.

Best Blog Platforms


If you’re a minimalist you’re going to love this one. Postagon gets you the right blogging experience equipped with a Markdown editor. And the minimalist style provides a touch of class to the blogging platform. I have several blogs on Postagon as I’m a huge minimalist and it has never disappointed me so far. Definitely a recommendation for anyone who loves minimalism.

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If you like it plain and simple, Ghost is for you. Don’t worry by simple i don’t mean a blogging platform with HTML5. Ghost is for anyone who just wants to blog and doesn’t want any fuss with using blogging platform. Easy as eating cream pie, Ghost blogs even score well on the Google searches which is an additional plus point when starting to write blogs. I’ve made blogs on Ghost to find complications but i found it easy from every aspect.


best blogging platform - Blogger

I Love Blogger

Make room for the Daddy, says Google’s very own blogger (Or blogspot) has been a fan favorite for quite some time now. Blogger provides all the simple features you need as well as providing a good search result rate being a Google product itself. Easy sign up, easy theme installation pretty much easy everything. Blogger easily makes it to our list of amazing blogging platforms.


WordPress is easily one of the leading blog platforms on the internet today, that too because it offers everything you need in a blog. WordPress requires hosting as it in some places acts like a website. Custom wordpress themes are available all over the web that makes it too good to be true. WordPress has been my first choice for years now and so far it has provided me the results i wanted. I’d easily recommend this to anyone who wants good performance for their blog.


best blogging platform - tumblr


Want to write something funky? Tumblr is your place to be. Tumblr combines social networking and blogging to create an amazing blend that promises you a comfortable win in every aspect of blogging. With the option to Re-blog and follow other blogs, Tumblr is a fan favorite in the teen section. Almost 80% of the Tumblr accounts produce amazing creative content that promises better results for any kind of blog.

I Hope that You Like These Free Blogger Platforms, These are the Best Blogging Platforms Ever loved by the top bloggers. Please Inform your friends about these blogging platforms by sharing this article on social media and don’t forget to comment below.

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