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How to Speed Up Your Android Phone or Tablet

Speeding up your android phone or tablet. Do you own a android based smartphone, is it getting slower day by day ? if yes then we have some tips to explain below which will help you to Speed Up Android Phone.

Android phones are really useful and helpful for doing many operation actually i can say it is better than iPhone’s but at some places Android lacks and IOS wins and that’s why people love to choose IOS rather than Android and among those problem one is android device getting slower after 1 month of use and that’s what today we’re here to deal with, tips on increasing the speed of your android phone or standalone drawing tablet.

How to Speed Up Android Phone / Tablet

How to speed up android phone

Make Your Android Phone Faster

How to Make Your Phone Faster

Remove Unused Apps Or Data Of No Use

Removing unused apps can help you save a lot of data of on your phone which will relatively increase the speed of your android phone. Not only removing apps from phone storage but shifting your whole data from phone and internal storage to your SD card or MMC can help you increase speed of smartphone plus it increase the chances of not losing data if formatted.

Stop Background Process Of Unused Apps

Android provides you many features which you can work with, even it provides some features to increase its own speed and Stopping Background Apps or their Process is one of them. To stop Background Apps or their Process follow: Setting => Apps => Running => Now,  select the apps you think are not useful and start stopping them or their process to gain little speed to your android device.

Clear Cache Of Apps

Clearing cache of apps on your android device is very helpful in increasing speed infact it also increase the storage space on your android device. To clear cache of apps on android phone follow: Settings => Storage => Clear Cache. Boom you have now some free space on your device as well as you attain some speed.

TIP : Clearing cache on weekly basis is good for your Android Device.

Removing Graphics From Your Android Desktop

Do have icons on the main screen of your android device, if any do start removing them because even they consume a lot of RAM as well as use your phone’s processor speed based according to their process and app type. It’s recommended either to have very less shortcut to apps or contacts or anything or nothing on your main and sub screens to see a change in your device speed.

Closing The Opened Apps

These days everyone love to use their phone for playing games, chatting and some personal purposes ( 😛 ) and opens a lot of apps at a time and forget to close them but this can lead to definite slowdown of your android device. It is recommended and even good to close the apps you open because it will slow down your phone and your phone might get hang( not hanged, LOL 😀 ).

Disable Animations 

Disable Animations is the another way increasing speed of your android device. To disable Animations on your Android phone you need to first enable DEVELOPER OPTIONS, once you have enabled developer options open Settings =>System => Developer Options => Windows Animation Scale and select “Animation is off“.

Keep Your Phone Update : Software

Keep Your Phone Software Updated

Keep Your Phone Update

Its an necessary part. Keeping your phone software is a must thing and many people do focus on it if you don’t to start searching for the current update of your phone and update the software. To find the update of your phone you can tap on Settings => Software Update => Search For Updates. If you find any update of your phone do update it ASAP.

Factory Reset Your Phone

If you are facing too much restart, and unable to open apps or they are getting stopped in few minutes it means that now your phone requires a Factory Reset to work properly. Factory Reset would get your phone back to the condition you got your phone. It helps a lot whenever their is some problems in the device.

Use Apps For Speeding Your Device

There are many apps which are helping a lot of users to have their phones fast and even i’m one of them. These apps help you to clear all junk files, cache and waste data from your phone in a single click which helps a lot. There are many apps and the best which i found till now is Clean Master and DU Speed Booster, it’s a free App and you can get it on Play Store.


Hope you all have loved to read our today’s post on boosting your android phone’s speed. Please leave comments if you have any issues regarding it and we will try our level best to help you get out of the problem. Don’t forget to share this post because sharing is caring.

Thank You For Giving Us Your Valuable Time. Enjoy.

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