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How To Start A Career In Cloud Computing

Have you been hearing a lot lately about the “the cloud”? Cloud computing, often referred to as, “the cloud”,has been a rather popular topic across the technology industry. As technology changes and companies are driven to find more cost-efficient and agile systems, modern technology emerges to meet these demands.

Start A Career In Cloud Computing

Cloud technology enables remote machines, accessible via the Internet,to store and process data and applications instead of requiring a stationed computer to do so.

It is a significant change/improvement from older on-site methods,and it also provides great career opportunities for those already in the industry as well as for those trying to get in. In both cases, expanding your skillset and experience will help with this career path. Here are three tips to help you land that first job.

1) Training and certification

Getting additional training or certifications a great way to stay current in any industry.In the case of the Cloud, potential employers will particularly respect it as it shows that you took advantage of the resources out there to increase and expand your knowledge in the industry you want to be in.

In his TechTarget piece, David Linthicum encouraged self-motivation and wrote, “Those cloud experts who have a consistent motivation to learn and keep up with the rapid changes typically do better, and therefore make more money.”

Training and certification

There are currently three main platforms – GoogleCloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. For those with little to none prior cloud experience –independent cloud training providers is the best way to start.A good example of such provider would be CloudAcademy, enabling users to choose a cloud training learning path based on his/her platform selection, including a complete cloud computing path which also covers foundation concepts and skills, as well as the DevOps learning path.

2) Practical experience

Convenient for those trying to start a career in cloud computing, you can try the platform of leading cloud vendors for free.

For example, you can get up to 12 months of free usage of Amazon Web Services. There is no better way to become comfortable with a new technology, learn the language and visually understand how it works than to actually use the platform firsthand. Hands-on experience can be a major confidence booster in interviews too.

3) Learn new technologies

Learn new technologies

Others in the industry will appreciate your being comfortable working with many different technologies. John Reed, district president with Robert Half Technology, a worldwide IT employment firm said, “We don’t see a lot of companies specifically saying, ‘this is a cloud computing role we’re creating,’ but we’re filling positions for that role in one way or another with people who have the resources and expertise to support cloud computing initiatives.”

The more comfortable you are with different technologies, the more attractive you will be as a candidate for potential employers.

Your current experience and skills are great stepping-stones to a career in the cloud computing industry.Maybe you have IT or digital skills, but not cloud specific. Cloud computing skills can always be learned, so work with what you currently have and build upon that.

You can pursue a cloud-specific position or learn more about cloud computing and start out in a position in which you already have experience. Either way, “the cloud”will be around for a while and now would be a great time to join the industry. 🙂

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