How to Start McDonald’s Franchise In India

If you are searching for start a McDonald’s Franchise in India, Then you are on right place. Here we shared complete details of McDonald’s Franchise Cost, Profit, Fees and Investments. We all are aware of McDonald’s and its mouthwatering food making.

It is one of the world’s leading food chain restaurants with more than 33000 restaurants in around 118 countries serving around 67 million customers on daily basis. McDonald’s is a US based company. However it has set up standards for all the leading restaurants all over the world with different businessmen for different countries.

Opening a McDonald’s Franchise Costs and Fees

Start McDonald’s Franchise in India

Now talking about the McDonald’s franchise in India. McDonald’s is delivering its tasty food in India from last 15 years. It is considered as one of the quickest service restaurants. Presently it is serving around 6.5 lakhs customers on daily basis with more than 250 restaurants in India.

As mentioned earlier there are different entrepreneurs for different countries and for India there are two entrepreneurs. Amit Jatia (Vice Chairman) – Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. For West and south India. whereas Vikram Bakshi’s Connaught Plaza Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. for North and East India.

Is Starting McDonald’s franchise in India a good idea?

Thinking to start a McDonald’s franchise in India? Then you must know about the market before beginning any new business. Currently food retail is the best business where one can invest their economy in order to earn good profits. McDonald’s is considered as the brand leader in food retailing industry in India from past 15 years.

In this case, it can be clearly said that starting a McDonald’s restaurant is an amazing business idea in India.

NOTE: Please be aware of the scammers who informs you and promises you regarding the McDonald’s franchise in India. As currently McDonald’s is not providing any kind of direct franchise in India.

McDonald’s Franchise Cost, Royalty fees, Investment and Profit

Now let us have a clear view over the franchise’s total investment. The royalty fees and the profit that one can expect from the franchise.

McDonald’s offers different deals or say the franchise as per the locations and this can be seen below.

Traditional restaurants: The investment required in order to open a traditional restaurant is around $45000. Which is located in store fronts, individual free stand buildings, food courts etc. There is a term of agreement for 20 years in order to start Traditional Restaurant.

Satellite Location: The investment required in order to open a satellite location restaurant is around $22,500.

Satellite location is nothing but the locations such as hospitals, strip centers, universities, stores, airport etc. The terms of agreement differ from location to location. The menu also differs from the normal McDonald’s menu.

STO and STR locations: STO stands for Small Town Oil locations which is also known as gas stations. These kind of locations requires good amount of investment of around $172,425 to $627,050 for the satellites and $837,750 to 1.2 million dollars for the gas station locations.

Royalty fees or say the service charge fee is charged of around 4% on gross sales per month and percentage rent or the rent on the gross sales is also charged. These investment figures and the taxes figures are as per the US franchise and may differ from country to country including India.

Support and Training

Yes you read it right, special training is provided by the McDonald’s and Hamburger University. It is the international training center providing various trainings and courses to the individuals. The training time duration and the courses changes from time to time as per the franchise. The training centers are located in different sites and along with this the training is also provided in the McDonald’s restaurant.

Start McDonald’s Franchise in India

Hands on and self directed are couple of the learnings or say the trainings those are monitored by the McDonald’s Business consultant. Apart from this part time training is also provided to the aspirants with the time duration ranging from nine to twenty-four months. Various conventions, training sessions, annual meetings and workshops may also be organized and also there is a particular fees structure associated with all the programs.

Can I start McDonald’s franchise in India?

This might be a question popping in your brain whether you can start a McDonald’s franchise in India or not, right? As previously I have mentioned in my post that McDonald’s is not providing any kind of franchise directly to any individuals in India so be aware of the scammers promising you for the same.

However as mentioned two entrepreneurs, Hardcastle restaurant Pvt. Ltd. managing west and south India and Connaught Plaza Restaurant Pvt. Ltd. are planning for the expansion on the number of the restaurants. So if you are looking forward in order to get associated with the world’s leading food retail industry then you need to contact these two personalities.

McDonald’s contact details

In order to get McDonald’s franchise you may take help of below contact details.

McDonald’s India (HRPL) has recently moved to India Bulls Office.

Hardcastle Restaurant Private Limited.
1001 – 1002, Tower – 3, 10th floor,
India Bulls Finance Centre, Senapati Bapat Marg,
Elphinstone Road, Mumbai – 400013
Telephone number: 022 – 49135000
Fax: 022 – 49135001.

If you wish to rent your space or sell your space o the McDonald’s then you can contact on the below email details.

Mumbai: [email protected], [email protected]

South: [email protected]

West of India (for the states of Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Chattisgarh and Maharashtra except Mumbai): [email protected]

For east and north of India: [email protected]

So now anyone looking for McDonald’s franchise in India can have a clear view over the market. The complete investment one need to invest, royalty fees or the service fees and the contact details. One can simply contact on the above mentioned contact details in order to get their query solved related to the McDonald’s franchise in India.

As I have also mentioned above please be aware of the scammers those are promising you in order to provide you with the McDonald’s franchise in India, as one can get franchise only with the help of those two personalities or say the entrepreneurs mentioned above. Take your decisions wisely and all the best for your McDonald’s franchise. 🙂

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