Strategies to Be Unbeatable In the Game of Scrabble

Scrabble remains a delight some game to millions of people all over the world. This article comprises of strategies that can be employed by players of all skill levels the next time they want to play this iconic game.

Scrabble Game

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So what are you waiting for? Call up your neighbours, friends and relatives to schedule some game nights because you will want to put these strategies into action.

1] Place letters around bonus tiles

If you want to fare very well in this game, you need to make use of the double letter, double word, and triple letter or triple word spots. Use these spots even if you are not able to get a high-scoring word. By doing this, it will cut off your opponent from using the places and running up their score.

2] Memorize two-letter and three-letter words

This might be quite challenging to pull off but knowing or memorizing three-letter, and two-letter words can be the kiss of death for your opponents, especially when you place them on bonus spaces.

3] Learn words that use Q but don’t require a U

You might be saving that letter Q because you don’t have a letter U in your rack- you don’t have to. There are over 33 words in the scrabble dictionary that use a Q but no U.

4] Be on the lookout for “bingos.”

As professional players of scrabble are familiar with, there is not a feeling that can be compared to what you feel when you can use the entire letters in your deck for a word in a single turn.

Popularly known as a Scrabble “bingo”, you can rack up 50 points on top of what the word would typically score for you. So keep your eyes sharp, a move like this could be the deciding factor for the winner.

5] Know your prefixes and suffixes

You will be able to piggyback off of your opponent’s scores if you are knowledgeable about words with prefixes and suffixes. Common examples of suffixes include –ED, -S, -ING, -ER, -ENT, -LY, -IEST, -NESS, -TION, -ITE, and -FUL.

Examples of prefixes include EX-, PRE-, MIS-, NON-, and MIS-.

For example, if you add the prefix “MIS” to “UNDERSTAND”, you can make the word “MISUNDERSTAND” or if your opponent played the word “JUMP”, you can add the suffix “ER” to make “JUMPER” and rack up points. These suffixes and prefixes can come in handy when targeting a “bingo” and getting the 50 point bonus.

6] Use Q sooner rather than later

As pros of this game know, Q is perhaps the most challenging letter to use during a game because there aren’t too many words that use the letter.

Your best option when you get a letter Q on your deck is to use it the first opportunity that is provided. Also, if there is a power spot open, placing your Q there can give you a significant edge over your opponent.

7] Keep letters J, X, or Z for double or triple points.

Aside from the letter Q, another way to get big scores on the board is with the letters J, X, and or Z. You will find it much easier using these letters than Q because they are more commonly used in the English Language.

Also, if you use them in the right spaces- double word, double letter, triple word, triple letter- you can rack up double or even a whooping triple-digit point in a single turn or round.

8] Try to find opportunities for “hooks”.

A hook in scrabble means when you actively alter an opponent’s word with a letter of your own and create a whole new word in the opposite direction. This allows you to get points from your opponent’s word and your new word too.

For example, by adding an “S” as a suffix to “DRINK”, you will have “DRINKS”. And can also create the word “SAT” from the “S”. with this you will get points from “DRINKS” and “SAT” as well.

9] Use parallels wisely

Parallels are your best bet if you want to get rid of your vowels and rack up points. You place them parallel to another word already on the board and get points for new words that you build or create.

Pros often recommend waiting for a sweet spot with a high-value letter or close to a bonus square. This is where knowing your two and three-letter words will also come in handy.

In conclusion, these strategies place you in a position to be unbeatable but don’t forget that it is just a game and you should have so much fun playing it.

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