TCL 10L: Best Budget Phone

Introduction: A phone rolled out by the TCl factory and at a price for just $250.00, does not mean it’s a cheap phone, but an ” all feature one’ at an affordable price along with being a trend setter.

TCL 10L – Full Specification, Price, Review

TCL 10L - Full phone specifications

The TCL 10L is perhaps the pioneer in budget phones .Let us review the product in-depth.

1] The Design and Hardware

With many phones that give a feeling of hollowness, the TCL 10L surely feels packed densely. The 10L is polycarbonate in the exterior but with no visible flex.

The glossy finish is in tandem with the frame made of plastic and is quite impressive. The four cameras lined up at the rear panel is the striking difference between the 10L and the other.

The button placements do not disappoint at all .The headphone port is placed well and adds to the well thought out design. The quick launch button at the left is handy too.

It can help display enhancements, desired camera modes, the Google Assistant easily along with launching system settings and applications. It does suggest out of the box thinking and rightly so.

The power button and Volume buttons lie on the right side, whereas the Micro SIM combines with a micro SD is slotted to the left.

The fingerprint sensor is a good addition and so is NFC which helps wireless payments.

2] The software and Performance

The TCL 10L delivers a significant impact with its full HD on a 6.53-inch LCD panel .and it has a Dotch display and eye protection modes. The NXTVISION on the phone boosts the quality of screen display and color reproduction.

The NXTVISION automatically turns up the brightness, and the color vibrancy is bright too.

The TCL 10L has a 6 GB RAM and the processor is the efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 665.That would handle Social applications like Twitter, Tik Tok, etc. are with ease. The Games can also be played, but it has a slight lag which needs adjusting to.

The Settings and file selections are quick in response. The 10L runs on Android 10 and that is a blessing and the exciting part is that it permits one more up gradation of the OS ,which does mean the phone would stay in pace with the future.

The striking point is that the user would stay amazed at all these features given the fact he has just paid $250.00.!

3] Batteries

These are lithium batteries inside and non-removable. Normal usage of the phone (with videos, songs, and talk time) makes the battery lasts 24 hours. If the phone is not fully utilized, the batteries last for forty- eight hours.

The charging can be done with the cables provided, and it takes less than fifty minutes to charge it entirely if the phone is switched off. In a test conducted.

A video was played on a loop, and the batteries died after 11 hours and fifty-three minutes, which is a fantastic performance.

4] Cameras

For the price you pay, four cameras are s bonanza, and all are located at the back.the four are 48 – megapixel main camera, the 8 Megapixel camera, a 2 megapixel Macro Lens and a 2-megapixel depth sensor.

The sensor is 48 – megapixel, but photos shot are in the form of 12 megapixels and snaps pictures with acute sharpness with no loss in vibrancy. The photos are not over-saturated, and the images are realistic to the core, and neither is the details compromised.

The purpose of the 8 Megapixel cameras is to capture super wide images. Therefore, this attracts more than a standard shot practically and in great detail.

The third camera in the horizontal grid of four is a 2 megapixel. The ability to get extremely close images for sharper details warrants your move towards the object too.

The 2-megapixel depth sensor is for portrait photos only.

Overall, the camera is excellent for selfie’s too. The videos have a 4K output and display your talent in shooting Wide angles, including Stop motion modes. The camera is brilliant even in low light as it adjusts accordingly.

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The TCL 10L over-all performance was more than satisfactory and in line with other advanced mobile phones. For the price quoted, it is one solid purchase. The elegant look combined with the top performance of the TCL 10L is nothing short of Value for Money!

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