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The Best Criteria for Choosing a Project Tracking Tool

All projects require proper planning and execution to be successful or have the participants obtain their goals. Project managers are tasked with the difficult obligation of ensuring that projects go on smoothly avoiding hitches as much as possible.

Choosing a Project Tracking Tool


It is for this reason and others that managers have turned to project and other management tools to help manage time, budget and other elements that feature projects.

Considering that numerous projects require managing and tracking tools with varying features and applications, it can be a bit challenging for you to pick the most appropriate without the correct guidance. We’ve identified the best criteria that you can use to choose some of the Top 10 Project Tracking Tools.

Prioritize Functionality

You are always aware of what your project needs and the best way to achieve your project goals. Having designed the project’s plan, you have an idea of what is required.

When selecting a tracking tool, focus more on functionality before checking on other additional features. This criterion will help you narrow down to a few tools that best match your project.

Ease of Use

This is another vital area to consider. It defeats the purpose of the entire project if you choose a tool that is difficult to put into use. The software you choose should be easy to integrate with your existing systems so that you do not need restructuring and retraining your staff.

It should be easy to incorporate it into the company’s normal operations without carrying out major changes. You will waste a lot of time if you get one that needs you to restructure hence defeating the very reason for getting such a tool.

Check Online Reviews

Online reviews are a good source of getting information about any product you wish to buy. You not only get to know about the options that exist in the market, but also raw information about how these options have been utilized in various areas.

For project managing tools, you can even find entities that have previously managed projects similar or close to yours, and the tools that they used. You get to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of such tools hence enabling you to make an informed decision.


You can do everything in line, but if your security features are not inline, then you risk compromising your entire project. Just like functionality, security is an integral component of your project that you should adhere to. Look for a tool that has encryption features that can ensure the safety of your data.


Proper and efficient communication is a needed requirement for any project. The participants and the involved stakeholders must be in a position to freely exchange information in the course of the project to ensure a smooth flow. A tool that allows parties of a particular project to easily communicate is effective.

Parties in any project need to be in constant communication to avoid duplicating roles, wasting resources and other bottlenecks that arise with poor communication.

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