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The Modern Necessity of Business Software Monitoring

For a modern business to be successful, it needs to be effectively inseparable from the digital landscape. While technically possible to operate within an entirely analogue setting, the advantages of convenience and efficiency through digital systems are so pronounced as to render this idea untenable at the bare minimum.

Why You Need Business Software Monitoring

Business Software Monitoring

Most people understand this on a base level, but when going into more detail, we do inevitably reach issues with the limitations of a person’s or business’s digital comprehension.

1] General Implementation

The vast majority of businesses today rely on communications via email or other online messaging services. Much faster than traditional methods, and with significantly lower risk or loss or interception, these systems like Gmail Business have proven themselves unquestionably. Their success, however, is not just tied to their usefulness, but also to their ease of use.

The same can be said for centralised business databases and servers such as Microsoft SQL. While more technical and therefore intimidating for common users, the advantages here are again too pronounced to ignore. Despite the inherent complications of these systems, they too are becoming standardised.

The reasons for the upward integration of database and server solutions are twofold, owing to both improved tools, and greater accepted feasibility within business environments. Of course, the viability of these systems among professionals was never in doubt, it simply took some time to introduce users less familiar.

By extension of this idea, we could see commercial integration of digital tools as an evolving discipline. Through this view, it makes sense that there are enormous opportunities in professional technology yet untapped, opportunities which will soon become an unavoidable part of the next generation of business.

2] A Step Above

Arguably the most promising technology in this field is the over-arching concept of database monitoring tools. Built on top of existing database solutions, these work to analyse traffic and patterns of use. In this way, they can use software to identify issues which are not detectable manually, or which are not understood by non-specialised staff.

A popular example of this can be seen in the database performance monitor tool from SolarWinds. When installed on a device with direct access to a database, this software tracks a wide variety of important factors such as latency, throughput, error rates, CPU utilization, and much more. Presenting graphs in real-time, the tool makes issues of extreme use or underutilisation immediately obvious and easily reportable.

For an illustration of a common problem here, consider an issue of maxed-out CPU during certain times of the day. Without addressing this issue, a database can slow to unusable speeds, become unstable, and even crash.

By taking a proactive approach through what tools like SolarWinds show, you could easily identify the problem, and invest in a server CPU upgrade or data scheduling to mitigate or solve the issue entirely.

3] Making the Leap

When considering the technology at home or in business, we’re often hesitant to take a leap out of technophobia. But, like any computer system, the ideas we keep in our heads are almost always worse than the reality.

While there are issues where investment in digital technologies to streamline business might be overkill, in many others it can be possible for new software to gain an instant and appreciable advantage.

Where exactly you and your business lie on this spectrum is a question that only you can answer, but we would recommend at least considering a proactive approach.

Many forward-thinking programs offer trial versions to investigate their worthiness, and this way, even if you don’t go through with a purchase, there’s nothing to lose.

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