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The Use of Steroids In Fitness

Steroids have become the go-to substance for fitness and bodybuilding lovers over the past years. Of course, they’ve been on the market for decades, more specifically since the Olympics in 1954.

However, do steroids still have a place in the fitness world? Since they’re widely available to the general public, should you buy testosterone cypionate, among other substances?

This is what we’ll discover in this ultimate guide.

Use of Steroids In Fitness

Why Do Fitness Lovers Take Steroids?

There are several reasons why fitness and bodybuilders like to take steroids. Of course, the most common answers are recovering more quickly, becoming more substantial, and developing a more significant mass.

That being said, the most frequent and standard answer to the question is simply that it’s easy. There are less risky and healthier ways to develop a more muscular physique. For instance, eating multiple meals a day, exercising regularly, improving your performance day by day.

But, as far as the natural way is the most recommendable, steroids make the user’s life easier. They prevent potential injuries, the muscles recover faster, and you can push the natural boundaries of your body, allowing you to work harder and more often.

Are Steroids Legal?

Steroids are legal and can be purchased with a medical prescription. However, since they are addictive, buying and possessing them without prescription is illegal and can lead to a maximum of one year in prison and at least a $1,000 fine.

Apart from that, taking steroids is illegal and therefore not allowed when participating in sports competitions. It’s also important to know that these steroids are primarily available on the black market, making them riskier for users.

The Risks of Taking Steroids

Taking steroids can have multiple side effects, and some of them are riskier than others. Some of the potentially harmful effects of steroids for both men and women include.

  • Dependence
  • Severe acne
  • High blood pressure.
  • Heart and blood circulation issues.
  • Liver issues or chronic vascular liver risks.
  • Aggressive behavior – also called roid rage.
  • Mental disorders like anxiety and depression.
  • Infections such as hepatitis or even HIV if users inject the steroids.

In addition, some risks that can happen to men when taking steroids are.

On the other hand, some side effects that women could experience include.

  • Missed or infrequent periods.
  • Increased or excessive body hair.
  • Baldness – potentially irreversible.
  • A deeper voice – potentially irreversible.
  • An enlarged clitoris – potentially irreversible.

Naturally, winning a competition is essential, but it’s also necessary to consider the risks of taking steroids. Sure, there are benefits to it, such as a more significant muscle mass, but the general troubles overtake the advantages.

What Are the Different Types of Steroids?

Steroids are the most frequent way of calling the substance. However, apart from the brands, there are specific names to be known as they have slightly different properties. Let’s go through them.

Anabolic Steroids

One of the most available products on the market is anabolic steroids, and this is because testosterone, the primary hormone, is naturally produced by our body. The three main reasons why testosterone and anabolic steroids became so trendy are.

  1. They promote muscle building and performance, helping the user grow a more significant muscle mass and hit higher records at the gym.
  2. Anabolic steroids help become more mainly with increased facial hair, a deeper voice, and relatively more “manly” behavior.
  3. They reduce muscle damages due to increased efforts when working out.

Anabolic steroids are approved for medical use, but they aren’t for bodybuilding purposes, making them illegal without a prescription in some countries.

Designer Steroids

On top of the moderated-risks anabolic steroids, it’s essential to get to know designer ones too. They are more dangerous and created to be untraceable when taking drug tests.

These are made for athletes, and it’s worth noting that they were neither approved nor tested by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Given this lack of regulations, they can be particularly risky to take.


Androstenedione, generally called Andro, is another steroid naturally produced by the human body by the ovaries, the testicles, and adrenal glands.

Like the other steroid types, Andro is known to accelerate the recovery from muscle damage and intense workouts. That being said, Andro, unlike testosterone, does not increase the latter’s levels, and the muscles do not grow more robust.

How to Build Muscle Without Steroids?

Now that we covered the risks of taking steroids, let’s dive into building a more significant muscle mass without them.

To start wth, it’s essential to eat lots of lean meat, beans, fish, and protein in general. Also, eating low-fat high-calorie food is instrumental to growth.

Apart from that, it’s wise to plan your workout near your meal in order to convert the food intake into muscle.

To sum up, the most healthy calories you eat, the more you’ll be able to work out, and the bigger your muscle mass will be.

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