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5 Things to Know Before Developing an eCommerce Website

eCommerce is a booming industry in the world where an average adult spends nearly two hours online. As per statistics, there will be 329 million online buyers by 2020. This is a positive indication for the online businesses that have invested in the eCommerce stores.

Things to Consider When Designing an eCommerce Website

Developing an eCommerce Website


If your business is getting its start on the digital platform, there are a few things to consider for creating a successful website. You must remember that a poor website is one of the primary reasons why most startups or businesses fail.

Here are a few important things to know before developing an eCommerce website, as listed out by a top web design company in Delhi.

1] Search Engine Optimization

SEO services are one of the most important factors in eCommerce design. To have a successful business, you need to have a great eCommerce design in place. SEO is one factor that can amplify your business. It is an organic way to rank higher in the search engine results page.

It helps you to boost sales, generate leads, and has a higher return on investment. SEO is a gradual process and reflects positive results after consistent efforts over a period of time.

Moreover, the people do not go beyond the first 5 results returned by the search engines. Hence, you must invest in eCommerce SEO agency for the best results.

2] Web Development and Design

You can bootstrap your e-store using several platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, OS Commerce, and Magento. Also You can pick the one that aligns with your business requirements.

You can look for specific functionalities and choose accordingly. For instance, you may prefer a platform optimized for blogs. Google has an affinity for websites that have valuable content and ranks them higher.

3] Responsive Design

Responsive web design

Responsive design is one of the primary requirements for optimizing the conversion funnel. Most of the businesses are upgrading to a more responsive website as they get them more traffic to their website and they have a higher click-through-rate. Responsive websites enhance the user experience. You must invest in the best website design company in Delhi to get the best results.

4] Marketing

While it is important to optimize the on-site performance of your website, it is equally important to reach the customers at the right time and before your competitors do so. A great marketing strategy in place will dictate the success of your eCommerce store. You must have the best digital marketing agency for the same.

5] Security

You must not overlook the security, as per any web development company in Delhi. An eCommerce store collects a lot of private information of the users such as phone number, address and the credit or debit card information.  It is important for an eCommerce website to have an added layer of encryption to the website.


Data theft is much more common than you can fathom and you may not get conversions if the website is not already encrypted with an SSL certificate.

6] On-Site Performance Factors

Many on-site performance factors such as the click-through and the sales on your website can be boosted with the following aspects.

  • Navigation

Great navigation is very crucial for rendering a good user experience. Most visitors on your website will be first-timers and your website must have the appropriate product- or service- related information clearly visible to the user. You need to have an intelligent design to help the users navigate through the website. Remember that too many pages can be a deterrent and the navigation bar must be visible at all times to the user.

  • The Checkout Page

Did you know that most eCommerce stores have a high cart abandonment rate? This is primarily due to the poor design of the checkout process and limited payment options. This, being the last stage, must be carefully designed. Ideally, the checkout process shouldn’t have lengthy forms or multiple jumps to different pages.


An eCommerce website is a multifaceted approach. To secure the success of your business, you must hire only the best web development company in Delhi.

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